Justice George takes salute as October session begins

By George Barclay

JUSTICE Roxanne George on Tuesday inspected a Guard of Honour at the traditional ceremonial parade and later took the salute during a march past to mark the opening of the October Criminal Session in Demerara.The High Court judge, one of three judges assigned to the 144-case session, then started the ball rolling with the beginning of the Port Kaituma murder trial, where Alvin Gounga called “Orvin” or “Captain” is facing trial for the murder of Desmond Henry.

Following an argument at Port Kaituma on May 14, 2005, Orvin shot Henry to death with his bow and arrow.

Police investigations led to him being arrested and charged with murder.

At his trial before the judge and jury, Orvin pleaded not guilty and was represented by Attorney-at-Law, Dexter Todd.

In her opening address to the jury, Prosecutrix Miss Narissa Leander disclosed that the five elements in her opinion showed that the accused was guilty.

But she warned that while the prosecution would say that the case was proven beyond all doubt it was for them, the jury, to decide whether this was so.

She however advised them that they should return a verdict of guilty once they were satisfied that the case had been proved against the accused but warned that in the event that they were left in doubt, they should set the accused free.

On the other hand, the star witness Sergeant Winter to whom the accused had given a caution mentioned that the accused did tell him that Henry was the aggressor, who had threaten to kill him and had actually attacked him with an axe and a fork, causing him to use his bow and arrow in defence.

The hearing is continuing.




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