Antonio Isles murder trial continues… Shopkeeper ‘did not see anyone beating the person who was on the ground’
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By Michel Outridge

THE case of murdered seaman Antonio Isles continued in the High Court yesterday before Justice Navindra Singh and a 12-member jury which saw four witnesses testifying.The first witness to take the stand was Carol Barry, who was then the shopkeeper at K Mark at Pike Street, Kitty, where the deceased Antonio Isles had a Guinness with Kelvin De Peazer on March 1, 2013.

She told the court that on March 1, 2013 at about 20:30hrs Isles called “Montana” was passing the shop when De Peazer called him to have a drink.

Barry added that De Peazer was having a beer while Isles had a Guinness and he spent a few minutes there and then he asked for a ‘light’ for a cigarette and exited the shop.

She recalled that he spent about 10 minutes at the shop and she went inside to attend to customers and shortly after she heard some sounds, which she described as ‘lashes’ and sent De Peazer, who had remained at the shop, to go out to see what was happening.

Barry said she saw a crowd and a few minutes elapsed and then she saw De Peazer return with Isles, who was staggering at the time. She told the court that Isles was placed to sit on a stone at the side of the shop and he did not look like his normal self since he appeared to be dazed.

Barry stated that she went into the shop to get a soda water for Isles and then told De Peazer to take him to the Kitty Police Station and to the hospital.

She related that De Peazer left with Isles in a taxi. She admitted that she was unable to recognise anyone from the crowd that had gathered when she saw Isles lying on the ground in Pike Street, a short distance from the shop. Barry said when De Peazer brought Isles to the shop he had to assist him because he was unable to walk on his own.

Meanwhile, during cross-examination by defence counsel Peter Hugh, the witness said that from inside the shop she could see De Peazer through a window and when she heard the noise she sent him to see what was going on.

Barry told the court that she saw someone on the ground but could not make out who it was but she had a clear view even though the street light was not in working order.

When questioned she stated that when she came out of the shop she did not see anyone beating the person who was on the ground.

Defence Counsel Dexter Todd in cross-examination asked Barry who was present after the crowd had dispersed and she said it was just Isles and De Peazer she saw. She noted that the police came five days after to ask her how long Isles spent at the shop.

The second witness, former Detective Constable Odel Percival said relative to a report of murder committed on Antonio Isles, on March 6, 2013 at 07:00hrs he contacted Kevin Washington and put the allegation to him after which he was cautioned.

In response, Washington told him, “Offica meh ain’t do nun” after which he was arrested and taken to Kitty Police Station and placed in custody. In addition, Percival told the court he did intelligence gathering within the Kitty area which caused him to arrest Washington, who was known to him.

Under cross-examination by Hugh, the former cop said he was not instructed to arrest Washington, but he was aware that he was at the time a minor.

The third witness, Detective Sergeant Hubert Henry told the court that at that time he was the Officer-in-Charge of Kitty Criminal Investigations Department (CID). He told the court that relative to the murder of Isles he visited the crime scene on March 6, 2013 at 09:00hrs with a party of ranks in company of Margaret De Florimonte and Kelvin De Peazer.

Henry added that they pointed out the spot where the incident occurred and they told him something and he checked the area and found nothing of evidential value but observed that the lamp post was in working order.

The Detective Sergeant told the court that he later held a confrontation between De Florimonte and Washington in the presence of another rank where, she repeated her story and it was recorded as her statement. He pointed out that he then cautioned Washington and he said, “I was there yes” and then I asked him if he wish to put it into writing and he said no.

Henry added that Washington in his presence gave the oral statement freely and was not promised a reward or inducement nor was he assaulted or threatened.

He told the court that he re-visited the crime scene and made contact with Dennecia Halley and told her father he would like to have an interview with her and would like him to be present.

She was taken to CID at the East La Penitence Police Station where the allegation was put to her then she was cautioned and she said, “Meh ain’t beat nobody.” Henry stated at that point he asked Halley if she wished to put that in writing and she declined based on her father’s advice.

He told the court that the interview was not complete because Halley’s father started to misbehave.

Henry added that he also held a confrontation between De Peazer and Washington and the allegation of murder was put to him but he was cautioned. Washington said, “I was there yes” but did not wish to put it into writing.

Henry told the court that he made efforts to locate the other persons whose names were mentioned but were unable to locate them so the probe remains incomplete. He related that based on advice he charged Washington and Halley for the murder of Isles.

The state prosecutors are Michael Shahoud and Orinthia Schmidt, while the defence counsel are Peter Hugh and Dexter Todd.

Isles, 40, of Lot 248 Pike Street, Kitty, Georgetown was allegedly beaten by a group of persons at Pike Street on March 1, 2013. The seaman was admitted to the GPHC and later succumbed to his injuries.

A post-mortem examination performed by Government Pathologist Dr. Nehaul Singh gave the cause of death as a fractured skull.
The trial continues today at 09:00hrs.

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