Taking it to another level (Part II) –Local photography comes of age

By Jasmaine Payne

AS we said before when we started this series two weeks ago, gone are the days when taking professional photographs occurred solely on occasion; where a photo studio with tacky props and cartoon backgrounds would serve as the only source for a family portrait, an engagement or some other important event. Today, young men and women are slowly changing the game by taking to the streets to capture moments in time, and sharing these treasured memories with a seemingly hungry public.
We’d promised that, over the weeks, we here at the Buzz will be introducing you to some of these intrepid youngsters who have been making a buzz all of their own locally in the field of photography.
We gave you two last time; today, we’d like to give you two more. Enjoy!

Neketa Forde
Neketa Forde

Neketa discovered photography in 2011, when she first joined Eiripan, a charity for encouraging schoolchildren in the Rupununi.
She considers her specialty to be event photography, as it allows her to make eternal memories of important occurrences. “I love documenting youth events through photographs; it’s a big part of my work for Youth Media Guyana,” Neketa said.
Her motivation for photography comes as a result of a lack of documentation in the area of youth-related activities.
“In Guyana, I am sad to acknowledge that most activities in relation to youth are often not highlighted, unless there is a big international or local donor behind the activity.
“And even then, the media doesn’t stick around to actually see what impact the event might have had on the attendees. For this reason, I am determined to continue documenting as many of these events as I can through Youth Media Guyana,” she said. As such, Neketa’s aim is not exactly to convey a particular message, but to instead focus on depicting emotions of the event at hand.
As regards her style, Neketa considers herself a traditionalist. “The most I do when it comes to “editing” my photos is reduce the exposure, and decrease the size of the photo; because I ALWAYS shoot in RAW,” she said.
Neketa is one of the few professional photographers in a field where men dominate, and though her work does not fall among the more popular niches, she is content, knowing that her work is produced for a specific and important purpose of helping to promote awareness of youth-related activities.
Neketa’s particulars are:
EMAIL: neketaforde@gmail.com


Azikiwe Denheart
Azikiwe Denheart

Known to many as just “Ziggy”, this young photographer has made a name for himself over the last three years shooting weddings and fashion photography for magazines and other publications.
His beginnings, like many others, are rooted in the technical field, having worked as a videographer since 2008 at the National Communications Network (NCN).
Ziggy says that his motivation for photography stems from life itself. “It’s so beautiful being able to wake up, live, love and preserve,” he said.
“It’s the same thing that motivated and inspired me to get started in the first place; that gut feeling you get, knowing you’ve just preserved a moment that’s gone in reality.”
This motivation of his has led to his starting his own business, Infinity Photography, which is branded with that same motivation #LiveOn.
His passion for art, he says, only grew after he became a father in 2011. “I love seeing my son’s smile; so, taking a photo to save that love and joy in the moment was inevitable,” he said.
Azikiwe’s particulars are:
EMAIL: azikiwed@gmail.com
WEBSITE: www.500px.com/azikiwe
TEL: (592) 672 8992




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