LOOKING AHEAD –with Junior Calypso Monarch, T’Shanna Cort
Just T’Shanna
Just T’Shanna

AFTER winning the Junior Calypso Monarch title and getting to compete against some of the best Calypsonians in the Adult Calypso Monarch Competition, 19-year-old T’Shanna Cort has only just begun in her musical aspirations and plans to get much further in the not-so-distant future.

Ever since she was much younger, T’Shanna knew that she had the talent to sing, and with the support of her family, the then 13-year-old set her eyes on stardom by entering the Cellink Plus kids-stage competition, which she credits as being the beginning of her singing career.
“Three years later,” she said, “I was tempted to enter the GTT Jingle and Song Competition.
“I would describe that competition as my best musical experience ever. In that competition, I was also a finalist; I placed 7th .”
It was through this competition that she met music producer, Burchmore Simon who later asked if she was interested in participating in the Junior Calypso Competition.
It’s a day she’d always remember. “That day, I remember I smiled uncontrollably and jumped excessively. Then I sat and envisaged what my future would be like. And ever since then I have been blossoming fairly well,” she said.
So far, the young musician has penned and recorded three songs: ‘Ansa me’ and ‘I have hope’, both of the calypso genre, and ‘Mama’s wish’, which was recorded for a local Christmas album.
Winning the junior calypso crown has given her much hope; so much so that she has declared the Year 2016 as her Year of Victory. “For a period,” she said, “I thought I would never win anything in my life; but it all falls back to my team. I remember working day and night with my manager to get my vocals perfect.”
As time progresses, T’Shanna hopes to reach the highest of heights as regards her singing career.
To date, most of the inspiration for her songs comes from the memory of her late aunt, who, up until her death, believed that T’Shanna would grow up to be a successful singer.



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