‘Beauty is about being unique’ –Lisa France-Cummings, makeup artist
Lisa France-Cummings
Lisa France-Cummings

LISA knew she loved makeup from an early age, having taken a special interest in her mom’s daily rituals of applying makeup before leaving their home.As she got older, she was determined to make an art out of the use of makeup. Thanks to countless Youtube tutorials and many trials on her own face, she later developed the knack, and that led her to becoming the Makeup Artist she is today.
During beauty is about being unique her four years as a makeup artist, Lisa has come to specialse in makeup for weddings, photoshoots and stage performances, and has honed her skills by working at significant events such as Wedding Expo and the Inter-Guianas Cultural Festival.
“We are all beautifully made by our Creator, and makeup enhances the natural beauty of a woman,” Lisa said, adding that when a woman is given the chance to accentuate her natural beauty, the attention she gains as a result helps to improve her confidence.
“Makeup is important, because it is our face that projects our deepest essence, and where people look when they want to know us or understand us,” she said.
But, she is aware that skeptics abound as regards their view that makeup, instead, represents falsehood and vanity, detracting rather than adding to a woman’s beauty.
“As a makeup artist, it is my belief that because everyone is uniquely beautiful, those who opt to use makeup are more satisfied with their natural appearance, as against those who choose surgery to alter their appearance indefinitely, which can be considered falsehood or vanity,” she said.
To her, beauty is about being unique, and involves both inward and outward qualities. “Beauty is art; beauty is being able to feel comfortable in one’s own skin,” Lisa said.
In the next five years, Lisa hopes to have a more established business of her own in the form of a salon, where she can continue her makeup artistry and nail art.
“Many people know me for my makeup, but what they don’t know is that I also do nail designs, manicures and pedicures. So I see myself doing this full-time, even before five years’ time,” she said.
Until then, Lisa is content operating on a smaller scale, while offering classes to persons interested in learning to apply makeup, for both professional and personal use.
Meanwhile, if she could offer a simple tip to women looking to spruce up their daily makeup routine, it would be to wear mascara, since it accentuates the eyes in an almost natural fashion.
“As for skin care,” Lisa says, “always cleanse your face before you go to sleep, especially if you had on makeup. And by this, I don’t mean just washing your face with soap and water. Rather, use a product that will completely get rid of any residue and dirt, because this can clog your pores and lead to acne.”
Lisa can be contacted on Facebook as: Lisa’s Artwork
Or on Instagram as: @beatfacechrisy_doll




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