Linden pensioner struck by speeding car

AN elderly woman died yesterday after she was struck by a speeding car in Linden whilst making her way across a pedestrian crossing.Seventy-four-year-old Henrietta Cadogan of 572 Canvas City, Wismar Linden was allegedly knocked down by motor car HC 5603 driven by Wendell Smith, 35, who, according
to police reports, was heading north along the Winifred Gaskin Highway on the western side of the road, and was travelling at great speed when he collided with the elderly woman as she was making her way across the pedestrian crossing.

An eyewitness who asked to remain anonymous said the elderly woman was flung in the air and landed some distance away from scene of the accident. She was heading home after visiting a shop in the vicinity to buy some vegetables to prepare lunch.

The eyewitness said the driver drove away without rendering assistance to the woman, who lay helplessly on the road. Another driver took her to the hospital, where she succumbed an hour later.

“Blood was coming out she ears when we reach on the scene, and the car just drive away,” the eyewitness related.

The driver of the vehicle returned to the scene and was taken to the hospital by the police, after which he was taken into custody to assist with investigations. The woman’s relatives flocked the Mackenzie Hospital, and pandemonium ensued after they learned that she had died.

They were very angry that the driver had not rendered her assistance after the accident.

“He drive away and leave she like she is a dog; he didn’t even stop to help!” exclaimed one of Cadogan’s daughters in tears.

The elderly woman leaves to mourn seven daughters and many grandchildren. She had been living with one of her seven daughters.



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