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The Guyana Chronicle today re-introduces a timely and hopefully helpful and appreciated feature, CRIME WATCH GUYANA.

Our correspondent, in collaboration with and guidance from the Guyana Police Force, Public Relations Department, some private Security Services and other Security Consultants, will offer simple-to-read advisories and suggestions to PREVENT, DETECT AND PERHAPS EVEN SOLVE CRIME.

From Street Robberies, Burglaries, Illegal Weapons to Forgeries, Conman frauds and Financial Crime, CRIMEWATCH GUYANA will strive to make you citizens aware and security-conscious at all times.

If you have information, suggestions FOR THIS FEATURE, PHOTOGRAPHS, please send them to the Editor-In-Chief. You may want to SAVE these features too. Happy useful reading.

Many citizens, whether they were eye-witnesses, current or former accomplices or collaborators, suspects, neighbours, workmates, etc., assist law-enforcement agencies in their investigations into crime, from time to time.

However, the vicious nature of the criminals these days, the loop-holes in various laws, the short-comings of the prosecution and doubts about some police personnel, all combine to prevent these persons from coming forward with vital information.

Often, the telephone or email approach is preferred by those who wish to be anonymous and safe when giving information. At the end of this piece are contact numbers that could be used. Here too, are a few CRIME WATCH GUYANA suggestions for those willing to assist the police:

 Go in person to the nearest Police Station and ask to speak to either the Officer-in-Charge – or a particular officer you know or trust.

 Write a letter – signed or unsigned. Address it to a chosen officer. Include information that can be verified and by which investigating officers will know that your information is authentic. Tell the police who to look for, when to go, where to go and what to search for.
 Make written copies of information you supply. Keep duplicates for both yourself and trusted, senior persons in the society. (If anything back-fires, you, the police and the criminals will know that the information is in other safe hands.)
 It might be advisable to approach your priests, teachers, attorneys or employer with information, from time to time. Political Leaders, when and if trusted, are other persons to be considered.
 Very useful, as intermediaries who can speak to the police, are media personnel who are trusted by well-meaning informants.
If you have information, you may consider contacting a senior media manager or journalists you know or trust, even before you approach security personnel.

Of course, if you wish to remain anonymous, it can help to use the mail (letter, telex, fax, telegram) or the telephone (See numbers below).

Here Are Important Police Telephone Numbers You May Use

• Police Commissioner – 226-2487

• Personal Assistant to Commissioner – 225-2744

• Crime Chief – 225—3650 / 226-1326

• Deputy Commissioner (OPS) – 226-0449
• OFFICE – Professional


• Fraud Squad – 2260192 /227-6123



Many more to appear from time to time
By Allan A. Fenty


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