Mahaica granny murder… Police to send human flesh found under victim’s nail for testing
The house in which Chandroutie Persaud was found dead in May of this year
The house in which Chandroutie Persaud was found dead in May of this year


ZAHIR Mohamed, who on Sunday was arrested by the police after he’d forced his way into the shop of a female pensioner at Cane Grove, Mahaica, East Coast Demerara, may have more serious trouble coming his way.

Police sources confirmed to the Guyana Chronicle yesterday that when a post-mortem was performed on the body of another female pensioner who was killed last month in her home, investigators and doctors had observed that she had human flesh under some of her fingernails. Those samples were retrieved and kept by the investigators as evidence as they continued their investigations into the murder of the woman, whose body had been found bound and gagged in her bed.

Upon forcing his way into the Cane Grove pensioner’s shop on Sunday, Zahir Mohamed had tied up the woman and had forced cloth into her mouth before robbing her of $5000.

After he had been arrested, police examined his body and found that he had a stale scratch on one of his forearms. The investigators are now of the view that the man might have had something to do with the strangling, gagging, binding and murder of 68-year-old Chandroutie Persaud, the River View Squatting Area, Mahaica resident who had been found murdered back in May.

Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum yesterday confirmed that the police had indeed found human flesh under the fingernails of the woman when the post-mortem was done in May.

Blanhum also confirmed that the police are making efforts to have those samples taken out of Guyana for DNA testing to determine whether they had come from Zahid Mohamed.

Should those tests prove that the flesh found under the woman’s nails had come from Mohamed, he would be heading to court to answer charges for the capital offence.

Of recent, there have been several cases where pensioners, particularly women, were killed in their homes; and most of those victims were found with their hands bound, while in other cases cloth had been stuffed into their mouths. In some cases, they had been found semi-nude, while in others they had been battered.

The police did make some arrests in some of the cases, but others are still under investigation.

By Leroy Smith




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