PPP/C launches elections campaign with thousands in attendance… Ramotar to Granger: ‘GAME OVER’ on May 11
The massive gathering of PPP/C supporters stretching along Alexander Street Kitty, at the official 2015
campaign launch (Photos by Adrian Narine)
The massive gathering of PPP/C supporters stretching along Alexander Street Kitty, at the official 2015 campaign launch (Photos by Adrian Narine)

AS MUCH as an hour before the scheduled start time for the official launch of the People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C) 2015 elections campaign, large groups of supporters trailed all along Alexander Street, Kitty.Jamming to what has become a traditional feature at PPP/C events, Bob Marley tunes, the energy in the air was tangible. Tassa drumming added pep to the steps of the many groups that marched along the Kitty Market square inching their way closer to the campaign platform. Among the groups were PPP General Secretary Clement Rohee, other party officials and government ministers.The enthusiasm from the Shakti Strings Band and their performers was tangible but was topped by the Party’s presidential candidate, Donald Ramotar, when he took the stage.
His message to the Alliance of A Partnership for National Unity and Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC) was made clear – come May 11 at the General and Regional elections it is “game over.”
The incumbent President detailed in a meticulous manner the plans, programmes, policies and legislative agenda that form part of the PPP/C vision for Guyana after May 11.
“We have come a far way in Guyana. We have become the envy of many…we have a far way to go…this is why I ask you, collectively and individually, to stand with me. The PPP/C has stood for 65 years with the Guyanese people…I appeal to you to stand with me, stand with Elisabeth Harper and let us take our country forward,” he stressed.
Mr Ramotar noted that the three years of his term as Head of State were not easy years.
“They were trying years…we do not want to be in power and not deliver to the Guyanese people. Power is a means to an end and the end is to ensure that every Guyanese has a comfortable life,” he said.
He added that his hope is that development will not be stalled because the political Opposition held the majority proved futile, hence the move to early elections.
The President pointed to incidents of power grabs for the post of Speaker and Deputy Speaker, bargaining where negotiations were not held up, refusals to come to a middle ground on important issues, such as the national budget, and incidents where the Guyanese people were deliberately misled.
“This is what we had to work with,” he lamented, pointing to the major losses in a neglected Amaila Falls Hydropower Project, among several others of the PPP/C flagship projects, which were aimed at advancing the improvement of the lives of the Guyanese people.
The President added, “These are the same people who are asking for your votes.”
Mr Ramotar also outlined the many social programmes that his Administration has managed to advance, despite the political Opposition, programmes that included cash grants for every single student in the public schools, successes in education and housing, among others.
“We will continue to take these programmes to all parts of our country…the quality of life is definitely improving in every area of our country and the PPP/C did that with no cooperation from the Opposition; in fact with terrible opposition from them,” he said.
The incumbent Head of State described the posture of the APNU+AFC as “diabolical.”
“Who changes their name, only scamps and criminals change their names…we have a record, but it is the same old PNC (People’s National Congress) that we are dealing with,” he quipped.
Mr Ramotar underscored that there is much at stake, more importantly the future is at stake.
“We have to make our country ready…we have to prepare people for what progress will bring,” he said.
The President named David Granger, Carl Greenidge, Basil Williams and Winston Felix and cited their ‘dismal’ and ‘questionable’ records during their years in public service and high-ranking positions.
“These are the people who want to run our country, we cannot afford it because elections are about the future…we want to work to build a modern and prosperous Guyana,” he stressed.
Mr Ramotar also blasted the political Opposition on their “shameless roundabout” in adopting positions on projects and on ‘bread and butter issues’ which are “completely different” to the positions reflected in their voting in the National Assembly.
“Over the last three years, every year we have had good economic growth…we have had many successes, we still achieved quite a lot, if we had the majority in Parliament we would have one much more…. I promise you when we win back the majority in Parliament, you will see how far we will go,” Mr Ramotar stressed.
“When this scorpion stings the APNU+AFC, it means that on May 11, we will nail the final nail in the coffin,” Rohee said, expressing optimism of the crushing defeat that awaits the political Opposition.
He called on supporters to continue to walk with the PPP on the “journey of development” and take Guyana even further.
“We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us…every day unfair, unjustified, malicious, mischievous…every day they batter us and try to make us believe that we have done nothing for this country…but you the people of this country know that we have built Guyana,” Rohee said.
The PPP General Secretary blasted the “power hungry” endeavours of the political Opposition to get the PPP/C out of office.
“These people are so disrespectful of the people who cast their votes for this Party and they behave as though we are not entitled to run a government…so arrogant and so delusional and they have gone down a path that has brought us to where we are today,” he said, lamenting the actions of the combined Opposition in the 10th Parliament.
He also quipped about the ‘hustling’ that happened in the National Assembly and the Valentine’s Day ‘consummation of a marriage between APNU and AFC.
“Hell no; we are not going to give up the PPP,” the Party’s General Secretary said, “We voted in 1992 for change and for rebuilding. The change and rebuilding continues.”
Rohee cited the past excesses and past attacks on democracy by the political Opposition in the past – wrongs that were righted by the PPP/C.
“The electorate has confidence in us…they voted to ensure that the PPP/C remains in office…come May 11, make no mistake where you put your ‘X’, we are voting for peace, progress and prosperity…too much is at stake. Our country is at stake…so much we have gained,” he posited.
Former president of the Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC), Gillian Burton, who threw her weight behind the PPP, was one of the most vociferous grassroots voices that took the campaign platform yesterday and tackled head-on the issue of change.
A Kitty resident herself, Burton stressed that change is an un-doubtable fact evidenced by more businesses thriving, a changing physical landscape, and greater numbers of youths and women, in particular, being empowered, among numerous other successes.
“This is change,” she said.
According to her, the political Opposition, despite their name change, is not hard to recognise. “AFC is Alliance For Confusion…APNU is A Partnership Not United,” she quipped.
On the other hand, she touted the alternatives the PPP – “Peace, Progress and Prosperity” – represents the only real option for the Guyanese people.
“They want to tell us that we have not delivered to Guyana. I stand here as a witness….haven’t they seen the evidence of the work of the PPP/C? What more do they want?” the PPP supporter questioned.
Burton also took on the issue of the criticisms that fire tenders were seen washing the streets of Kitty, early yesterday morning. “Burnham did worse,” she said.
The PPP supporter added, “They call me a soup drinker…but if I left to drink soup, it means I was starving in their camp, so I came to the PPP…the cup don’t only give you soup, you get water, milk, porridge, tea and I could go on and on.”
Burton declared that the only option for continued progress is the PPP/C.
Also taking the platform was a young professional, Dr Gregory Adams, who brought the gathering “greetings from the mining town” and underscored the opportunities available for youth under the ruling party.
“They say there are no opportunities for the youth. I tell you it is a lie,” he said, adding that he is a product of that opportunity.
“There are a thousand others like me,” the doctor, based at the Linden Hospital Complex, said.
Dr Adams was emphatic in stressing that progress has been made under the PPP/C.
Progressive Youth Organisation (PYO) member, Charles Ramson Jr. was another speaker at yesterday’s rally and brought his youthful spunk to the rally with catchy quips that included ‘Granger is danger’.
“When I say Granger, you say danger,” he shouted, as the voices of the thousands matched his energy.
He made it clear that the PPP/C is the architect of change and progress.
“There is no need to change course…the change we need is to give President Donald Ramotar a real opportunity to lead Guyana into the future,” Ramson Jr said.
By the end of the rally, moderator, PYO Chairman, Irfaan Ali, reiterated another message, “Big rallies do not win elections. Every vote must count. Every Guyanese must understand his responsibility and go out and vote.”
His question of “are you ready” was met with a resounding yes and thunderous cheers.
Other speakers included the PPP/C prime ministerial candidate, Elisabeth Harper and former president, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo.
The enthusiastic response of PPP/C supporters, about 3,000-strong, evidenced a successful launch of the ruling Party’s 2015 elections campaign.


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