TALES FROM WAY BACK WHEN (a look at some of the stories that made the news “back-in-the-day with Clifford Stanley)
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(Daily Chronicle January 14, 1974)
Guyanese historian and lecturer at the University of Guyana Dr. Robert Moore will present a Diary written by Governor Van Hooghenheim who was Governor of Berbice during the Slave Revolt  to the Ministry of Information.The Diary covers nearly the whole period of the rebellion and it relates the Governor’s view of how the rebellion went and what he did to overthrow it.
The Diary compiled by Dr Moore consists of 597 typescript pages and was translated by a couple from Leyden Holland Mr and Mrs Geramey Banks.
The whole thing was done through Dr. Moore’s negotiations financed  by the Government of Guyana and the University of Guyana.


(Daily  Chronicle January 1, 1974)
The Rock Opera that rocked the world is now here; JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR:  a super show…powerful acting, great singing and gorgeous music…Astor 4 Shows. Extra  added attraction : Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in their funniest comedy “Buck Privates.”

(Daily  Chronicle January 1, 1974)
A man charged with using indecent language brought a smile to Senior Magistrate William Alexander’s lips when instead of pleading he said: ”Sir, I wish you and your whole family a happy new year.”
When the Magistrate repeated the question :”Guilty or not guilty” the defendant Oscar Moore admitted the charge.
The court was told that on Sunday morning, Moore was under the influence of liquor, cursing and behaving in a disorderly manner at the Georgetown Ferry Stelling.
Moore told the Magistrate he was begging at the Stelling when a T &HD employee told him to remove and beg “outside.”
He said that he reminded the employee that it was better to beg than to steal.
Moore told the Magistrate that someone he knew was about to give him a “raise” when the employee came up and told him “get away from there.”
“I then used the words on him,” Moore said.
The Magistrate asked Moore what was the highest amount of money he got from begging on any one day.
Moore said: “ Well Sir, during CARIFESTA I worked for as much as $30 a day-begging.”
He was reprimanded and discharged.

(Daily  Chronicle January 8, 1974)
Georgetown recorded 108 inches, four parts of rainfall for 1973, according to figures disclosed by the Meteorological Department yesterday.
While the Department could not immediately say whether it was the wettest year for Guyana , the figures indicated that it was one of the rainiest exceeding 1972 when106 inches and 67 parts were recorded.
For December 1973 28 inches and 16 parts of rain fell in Georgetown alone.

(Daily  Chronicle January 4, 1974)
Magistrate Shirin Edun who will have served her 16th year on the bench in May has been transferred to the Georgetown Traffic Court.
Miss Edun has been in charge of Court VIII where she decided landlords and  tenants cases.
Magistrate Clinton Wong who had been presiding in the Traffic Court has switched places with her.
Magistrate Edun who was called to the Bar in 1954 served as Traffic Magistrate in 1962-1963.

(Daily  Chronicle  January 8, 1974)
All aircraft operating within Guyana including  the interior must be equipped with devices  that will ensure maximum safety for passengers at all times, according to a directive from the Ministry of Works and Communications.
The Ministry said yesterday that the directive effective from January 1 this year  would be “rigidly enforced”  and “no aircraft will be permitted to operate  in the hinterland unless it is equipped with a serviceable emergency locator transmitter  and survival kit appropriate to the number of persons the aircraft can carry  as part of their basic equipment for their hinterland projects.”
The emergency locator transmitter is an electric device which enables an aircraft which has crashed in a jungle or mountainous terrain to be more speedily located  thereby facilitating search and rescue operations.
The Director of Civil Aviation notified all aircraft operators since September 5th  last year of his intention to enforce the new requirements with effect from January 1 this year then giving them adequate time to equip their aircraft appropriately.
It was learnt that most aircraft operators had since complied with the  terms of the directive.

(Daily Chronicle January 8, 1974)
Guyana’s miners  and tributors voted a woman as President of their Association in a move that was “nearly beyond imagination.”
Mrs. O Glasford representing Triefus and Company Limited in Guyana was elected to the office at the recent annual general meeting.
And Parliamentary Secretary responsible for the interior Mr. Kenneth Bancroft commented smilingly: ”Imagine an organisation comprising hardy miners and tributers electing a woman as President…this is bound to come as a surprise to Guyanese. It is almost beyond their imagination.
The new Executive of the Association would meet on January 19th to discuss resolutions adopted at the annual general meeting and iron out the action program which would be based on decisions taken at the  general members meeting.
The new executive comprises Glasford as President,  Robert Lampkin as Senior Vice President , Dennis George as Junior Vice President , C  Edinboro as Organising Secretary and CV Lampkin as Treasurer.
Twelve Committee members  represent various mining areas of the country.

(Daily  Chronicle January 12, 1974)
Up to press time the police and officials of the Georgetown Hospital  were trying to trace the parents  of a seven-month old baby girl who was abandoned on the doorsteps of a Lodge resident Thursday afternoon.
The resident Winifred Cowdrey  told the Police she was attracted by the screams of a baby on the steps of her home at 15 D’Urban Street Lodge.
She said that the baby was fully clothed and appeared to be in perfect physical condition.
Mrs. Cowdrey took the child to the Casualty Department  of the Georgetown Hospital after notifying the police but it is expected that the baby will be transferred to the Red Cross Convalescent Home.
In the meantime the Police  are seeking the assistance of anyone who may know of the whereabouts of the parents of the child.

Clifford Stanley can be reached to discuss any of the foregoing articles at cliffantony@gmail.com or cell phone # 694 0913.

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