Useful tips for colds and flu
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During the rainy season, we all find ourselves dreading the morning we wake up with a runny nose, annoying cough and a pounding headache.

Cold and Flu viruses can spread quickly from person to person.  However, there are ways to contain these germs, and limit their effect. Here are some tips for you
1.    Dispose of all used tissues, as they become infected once used.
2.    Wash your hands frequently to avoid picking up any germs from objects others infected with a cold or flu may have touched.
3.    Do not touch objects in public places (especially the sides of elevators).
4.    Get immunized. The flu virus can spread fast, so get vaccinated. Flu vaccines protect against the three viruses that experts predict will be most common each season.
5.    Avoid prolonged contact with sick people.
6.    Discourage your child from sharing food with classmates.
7.    Stay at home when you need time to get better; time off ensures quick recovery, and prevents the spread of colds and flu.
8.    Drink plenty of fluids, preferably water. After all, our bodies are mostly water, and the ongoing intake of water is essential to our every bodily function. This is a proven way to strengthen your immune system, and help you “flush” your body clean.
9.    Kids 3-5 years old need 11-13 hours of sleep every night. If they are 6-12 years old, they’ll need 9-11 hours. And adults should get no less than 8 hours per night. This helps empower your immune system.

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