Mabaruma man fatally stabbed

The victim's body being removed from the scene. (Julia Johnson photo)

Police at Mabaruma are investigating the death of a man who was stabbed multiple times at former disco in the North West District town.

Dead is Colin Campbell.

Reports are that man was stabbed as much as nine times under the region of his heart by his spouse around 1800hrs. The incident occurred at a former disco called the Golden Hole.

Campbell and the suspect operated a small business at the disco which folded several years ago.Reports are that the two were engaged in frequent arguments over the years.

The woman was the prime suspect in the disappearance of her father back in April 2017.

Senior citizen Eustace Marcelino left his home to cut wood in a nearby field at Hubu Hill, Mabaruma on April 2, 2017 but never returned.

Days later, the 85-year old man’s relatives discovered his shoes and a cutlass some distance away from his North West District home. He resided opposite the Guyana Defence Force base, Camp Everard, near the Mabaruma airstrip.

They became worried about his safety after information surfaced that the man’s daughter  visited the Post Office in the area one day after he went missing and collected his pension by allegedly forging his signature.

Reports are that the woman was in the habit of “beating” Marcellino and since his disappearance on April 02, they believe he may have been harmed by the woman and others.The elderly man’s clothing were found at a remote area outside Mabaruma several months later.

Police questioned the woman but never found evidence tying her to the elderly man’s disappearance.