Is this a coup?


Dear Sir,
Is this a coup? Or an attempt of a coup, leaving GECOM to be labeled the sponsor. These attacks against GECOM and its credibility is not surprising. In our group talk in South Park, I told my colleagues that these attacks are a game to challenge the integrity of GECOM. Find some way to discredit GECOM; put doubts into anything they say. And lo and behold Stabroek News editorial of 3/23/2020 has busted it wide open. In their humiliating put down of GECOM’s Chair, Stabroek News thought it wise to use certain words to illustrate their intent. Adjectives like “invincible, and ineffective,” how they left out incompetent had to be an oversight. Stabroek News took it upon themselves to accuse the Chair of being invisible, “while the rigging of the district four tabulation was in full swing.” Full Swing? really. Stabroek News knows that because Stabroek News said that. “Ineffective, because she “has not explained her inaction to assert control over the deteriorating situation.” And the one that borders on incompetence says; “is it that she is in gross dereliction of her duties.” Do you understand why they call it yellow journalism.

When Justice Patterson vacated GECOM as GECOM head, (whom they hated) the submitted substituted names were deemed “not fit and proper,” (which has nothing to do with character, it just that you were regarded as a putty knife.) and knowing that the choosers had “peep” you card, you became angry and directed your collective wrath against GECOM. The powers that be sitting back like so many piranhas, while instructing their local lackeys to stymie the process as they continue their daily sniping, distinctly challenging the credibility and integrity of GECOM to control the election process and the ability to produce a clear decision.

Could anyone remember how many GECOM meetings had to be adjourned, mostly postponed because of the (a) absence of the PPP commissioners or (b) their deliberate walk-out at various meetings, leaving GECOM to muddle through without a quorum, frustrating the process.

The headline in the Newspaper on Feb, 22, said. “There were [sic] a lot of abuse.” Abuse is what GECOM got, because they accepted the Carter Center suggestion that they “reduce private residences as polling places.” The PPP lost their collective minds, screaming of “reduction was in their stronghold.” This wailing was done by their messiah. Of course, his incantations were drenched in ink, by the supportive media. Speaking as a private citizen and not as a Minister of the Government, Mr Ramjattan said, “a lot of mischief was done during the PPP’s period.” He was referring to the private home polling stations, of course he was a former member of the PPP.

As late as March 1st GECOM had to be ferreting out Trojan Horses who had infiltrated their ranks, people who were awarded the title of Presiding Officer, with knowledge of the operation, were caught campaigning for a particular party. On elections day, some supporters of the PPP were accused of issuing fake ID cards, could these cards have anything to do with the people who were fired from GECOM? Attempts were made to interfere with the voting process at Mon Repos Primary School and at LBI and Strathspey. Following that, 12 men were arrested as they attempted to remove statements of poll (SOP) from a polling station in Georgetown.

It was reported that the observers and international community were pleased with the orderly process of the voting and gave the elections a clean bill of health, including CARICOM. After which the GECOM Chair hailed the polls a major success; at the same time “urges citizens to be patient.” Still awaiting the results the GECOM chair has advised the media of responsible reporting. Not to sensationalise. No sensationlisation of their reporting. However, the garrulous Chairman of the Private Sector Commission was having none of it; he expressed his concern (which means an attack on GECOM) about the pace at which the results were being released. Mr Chairman so are we, but then we are not rabble rousers.

On March 6th the headlines in the newspaper said; “Coalition Takes Lead” the same time this was being announced; supporters of the opposition invaded the GECOM office. An event that Stabroek News EDITORIAL said “as it should have” meaning that the thugs, inclusive of the opposition leader, the presidential candidate, (it’s all on tape) their lawyer, and several men carrying and brandishing guns, had the right to invade GECOM. Just as they had the right to attack a school bus injuring school- children. Just like this time as they torched Mr Azeez’s butcher shop. These valiant democracy fighters attacked a nurse’s car and beat it up. This threatening and thuggish behaviour exhibited by these people should understand that these actions have consequences.

In the midst of all of this mayhem, which Stabroek News described as an “uproar, re-invasion,” the CJ ruled that the court has the jurisdiction to hear an elections matter. However, the injunction blocking the declaration still remains. Following the court’s order GECOM immediately made a declaration that they will do nothing “pending court matters; GECOM will not flout the laws of Guyana. Though buffeted from every conceivable angle GECOM has held firm. On the 12th March the CJ gave GECOM a ringing endorsement when she ruled that GECOM and only GECOM can decide how the tabulation can proceed. We will be calm though vigilant, if and when appropriate action is to be taken, it will be taken.

What this respite has done? As brother Bob said; “if your night should turn to day now, you will see how many PEOPLE will RUN away.” This respite has shone the brightest light on the hypocrites. People teetering at the edge, hoping for a quick decision so that they can slink back into their caves. Unfortunately for you we have seen the enemy and it is you. This is for Mr Beepat, thank you for dis-inviting me back to your mall. Thank you very much. i only hope that people that look like me accept your dis-invitation also.

Milton Bruce