On the rise 

Kevon Wiggins during one of his games

…Budding professional basketball player, Kevon Wiggins will achieve great things


KEVON Wiggins is a Guyanese basketball player who has made a name for himself through his intense skills and commitment to the sport. He described his childhood as a ‘fun’ one. It’s not like the younger generation today who are always inside the house and on their phone, he said. Kevon was always outside doing something active; riding a bicycle, playing cricket or football or even doing something mischievous.

Kevon Wiggins

Believe it or not, he wasn’t interested in basketball when he was young. Until, of course, his father introduced him to the sport. Although he was always outside playing around, Kevon made sure his schoolwork came first. He eventually learned how to balance both at a very young age. His parents always stressed the importance of education, that it should be a priority before anything. Making his parents proud is what encouraged him to be who he is today, they’re basically his motivation and the reason why he pushes himself so hard every day, he said.

His life’s journey thus far has been very exciting and testing at the same time. He works hard every day even when his body is saying, ‘no’. In his opinion, that’s the mindset you have to develop to make it in life. His father introduced him to basketball and he remembers going with him every day to the Area ‘H’ Ground in Rose Hall Town to watch him play. He was amazed by just watching his father and friends play the said sport. Ever since then, he took it upon himself to become a basketball player. In Guyana, cricket is the #1 sport, everybody supports it.

On the other hand, basketball was the total opposite but he still didn’t pay any mind to that. Kevon always had a feeling in his gut that this sport will take him to places in life and even add as an extension to his education in college for free. He stressed that “It is all about being optimistic about the future so if you think you’re wasting your time playing basketball in Guyana keep playing and keep working on your craft, you will be recognised someday and go places.” Basketball taught him many life lessons and he also met great teachers and friends who believed in him and saw his true potential at the time along with his parents and family. To strive for greatness and be the best person one can be is what he is trying to do every day.

Moving to the United States of America from Guyana was not an easy task for him to do. He had to adapt to the culture and, as he puts it, “Learn how to speak properly”. He also had to learn how to travel back and forth from Guyana to the U.S. It was very difficult at first but he overcame all the obstacles by observing and learning from friends and colleagues in the US. It feels like he’s at home now but he still misses the tropical sun of Guyana a lot– he dislikes the cold! Currently, he is a college basketball player, attending Monroe College. He represented his Guyana in basketball many times. Wiggins managed to gain second place in the Caribbean Basketball Confederation under 16 tournament held in Guyana, he gained first place in scoring in the centrobasket U17 tournament held in the Dominican Republic, bringing a CBC senior championship to his country and the most important accomplishment of them all is that he is now attending school–free of charge.

His future plan is to become a professional basketball player. If by chance that does not work out then he hopes to become a sports agent or a business administrator, because of his field of study in college. Kevon Wiggins encourages young and upcoming basketball players like himself to: “Never give up and always be optimistic. You should always remember you’re a student before an athlete, your education always comes first because you could always fall back on that if basketball doesn’t work out.”