Major breakthrough in Number 63 Beach double murder

Vivekanand Narpatty (left) and Harrypersaud Prashad
…police arrest five, one confesses
Five persons have been arrested and one has allegedly confessed to last December’s grisly murder of a Canadian-Guyanese and his employee at a Number 63 beach hotel.
An investigation led by the Major Crimes Unit of the Guyana Police Force, led to the arrests over the weekend and police reportedly found a mobile phone and a water tank which belonged to Vivekanand Narpatty, 68, the late proprietor of the Sunsplash Beach hotel, in one of the men’s possession.

Narpatty and his 58-year-old employee,Harrypersaud Prashad were killed sometime between December 24 and 27,2019 at the hotel

Articles belonging to Narpatty were reportedly found in the possession of the main suspect while an unlicensed gun was also found in the men’s possession at the time of their detention over the weekend.

In light of the confession, sleuths are now following up on other leads  as they put the pieces together and look to institute charges.

One of the suspects,who is in his early 20s, is said to be a known character  to the lawmen and lives two villages away from where the crime took place.

The bodies the two men were discovered at around 11:25hrs after on December 29, 2019 by a family friend who went to the Lot 110 Number 63 Village property to check
on the Canada-based Guyanese who came into the country for a vacation on December 19th.The bodies of the elderly men were discovered on the second flat in the balcony area.

The body of Narpatty was found with two toes from his left foot severed while Prashad was found tied to a post with his hands tied behind and his right foot also tied to the post; his left foot from the ankle down was severed.

Relatives of Narpatty had told this publication he came with the intention of renovating the now defunct Sun Splash Beach Resort as he had intentions of re-migrating with his wife. He was also embroiled in an ongoing property dispute while he was here.

Relatives have since expressed satisfaction as the police work towards solving the crime.