‘You need clean hands to preside over Guyana’

Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo makes his way into the meeting

…PM tells home village Whim

PRIME MINISTER Moses Nagamootoo, in a public meeting that looked more like a rally with its crowd, in his hometown of Whim Village, in East Berbice Corentyne, called on residents to return the coalition to office for another term, so that the transformation of Guyana could continue.

The Prime Minister rubbished the opposition’s claims of the coalition not having done anything for Guyana by listing some of the numerous projects and developments undertaken and completed over the past four years.  Special mention was made of the reduction in the Berbice Bridge tolls, the East Bank Berbice new road as well as street lights for almost the entire East Berbice.

Supporters at the meeting at Whim in East Berbice Corentyne

“Return the coalition to office; we need to conclude what we have started. No government in the Caribbean has done so much in such a short time,” Prime Minister Nagamootoo told the gathering to thunderous applause.

He said in the five years in government “we have brought the economy afloat with a GDP of 5% growth; we have improved wages for public servants; we have completed an airport that was going nowhere; we have completed the East Bank Highway; we have completed the West Bank Highway; we have completed the East Bank Berbice brand new road; we have built roads in the interior; we have built new passport offices; we have built new NIS offices; we have built new revenue authority offices; we have built new magistrate courts;  we have repaired every single school in this country,…” he mentioned to thunderous applause from the crowd.

A section of the crowd

The elder statesman of the Alliance For Change continued by reminding the residents of Whim that despite their PPP elected councilors lacking in their duties, the coalition government came to their rescue and gave them street lights in the community, fixed their roads and even cleaned their garbage. He further reminded them that the elections were National and Regional so they needed to get those who are in the regional offices out so that real progress can be seen.

“This election you are voting twice, you will vote APNU +AFC to return the leader President David Granger back to office and then we will vote to change Armogan and company and we will put our own councillors there. They were given billions and billions of dollars to do works in the Region and they are not doing the work because they want to make the government look bad.” Prime Minister Nagamootoo noted that, with the coalition in office, VAT was reduced by two percent and will be further reduced once the government had a stable revenue base. The Prime Minister wrapped up by making a plea from the heart, asking residents to come out and vote on March 2nd to return the coalition to office so that the progress can continue “with a decent and honest government that will manage the affairs of the country’s wealth so that all Guyanese can benefit.” He added: “We need clean hands to preside over the wealth of Guyana and that is what our government promises you.”