Doubts arise over identified minibus driver in Nismes accident


…new information suggests real driver fled scene following crash

THE driver of the minibus involved in the Saturday night’s deadly accident at Nismes on the West Bank of Demerara is being disputed, while nine of the 16 persons who were hospitalised following the accident have since been discharged from the hospital.

Divisional Commander Simon McBean says the allegations that the driver of the minibus is being disputed are being investigated. Hensley Alleyne, who is among sixteen persons who were hospitalised following the accident, was initially identified as the driver of minibus, BYY 2981, which crashed into the car, PTT 691, and resulted in the deadly accident that claimed the lives of four persons.

Alleyne has been identified as the owner of the minibus. According to a police source, though Alleyne was in the bus, he was performing the duties of conductor when the accident occurred, while the minibus is said to have been driven by another. According to the source, the real driver ran away from the scene following the accident. “The man jump out the bus and run away. Hensley was not the driver, Hensley was the conductor of the bus at the time,” the source said.

At least two other passengers who were in the minibus have since refused to confirm who was driving at the time of the crash.

Four persons, including a 12-year-old child, died as a result of injuries sustained in the accident, which involved a minibus and a car. Those confirmed dead are 29-year-old Ayesha Sealey of Patentia Housing Scheme; 12-year-old Maria Bisnauth, of Side Line Dam, Sister’s Village, WBD; and 22 year old Zavira Jona also of Patentia Housing Scheme, WBD. Bisnauth died while undergoing medical attention at WDRH.

Commander McBean said the investigation into the accident is still ongoing, and now that persons have begun to be released from the hospital, the police will begin interviewing them, including Alleyne. The police have not been able to interview the persons prior because they were in serious condition.

A total of 21 persons were confirmed to have been involved in the accident. Though it was previously thought that 20 were in the minibus, and only one in the car, the police are now trying to ascertain the exactly how many persons were in either vehicle, as other persons are confirmed to have been in the car.

The car was being driven by 52-year-old Rawle Willams. Fifty-three-year-old Ramkumar Boodram, who remains hospitalised with a fractured hip, was also in the car, in the front passenger seat. Boodram confirmed that there were also other persons in the back seat of the car. According to reports, the minibus, BYY 2981, crashed into the car, PTT 691, a Toyota Premio at around 19:00hrs as the latter was exiting the D&L Gas Station. Persons on the scene reported that the Route 31 minibus was heading north on the western carriageway, when the car exited the D&L Gas Station and ended-up in the minibus’ path as he attempted to turn south into the eastern carriageway. The minibus is said to have been speeding. The accident sent shockwaves throughout the country as it added to a series of road fatalities within the past week.