Being honoured with the High Achievers Award

By Award Willing photographer Scott Oliver.

MANY people may not know how shy and introverted I was in my younger days. It was not easy but I had to find a way to build my self-esteem and gain the confidence to be the best possible me. Many times I doubted myself and I know I am not alone. I am a testimony of what is possible when you have faith, determination, focus and self-discipline. Thank you Wilma Mulcare for honouring me with the HIGH ACHIEVERS AWARD in Florida. The list of things I still need to achieve is long but I am thankful for an organisation to acknowledge that I am doing things no matter what.

I am sharing this award with all the people who don’t believe that they are enough and are struggling to feel comfortable outside their comfort zones. As the bible said “Stand firm on your shaky legs”.

The Mulcare Award Extravaganza was a very classy event and my collection was a hit. Wilma hails from the Caribbean and has been living in the United States for decades and has mastered her craft which placed her at the top of her game. She is the vice president for the Women Association, created a beauty care line and people request her consultancy service because her expertise has enhanced and nurtured many business and organisations. She decided to create the line because as she communicated with her Clients there were a lot of questions to be answered addressing their beauty needs and hair, skincare, make-up artistry. “I felt fashion is a great part of complimenting hair and makeup and people in the industry should be acknowledged more. I always admired people who go above and beyond to accomplish their goals, needed to be recognized,” she said.

Dr Dupree opened with a power prayer. Dr. M. Tina has 25+ years experience as a Professional Speaker, is Author of five books, creator of other resources for personal and professional growth and development. She is lovingly known internationally as “The Chicken Lady” because of 12 years’ experience as a corporate representative for a major fast-food restaurant chain. She is a phenomenal woman with amazing track records from mentoring hundreds of you women. We are working on our sixth book and had a great discussion about how important it is to tell your stories. The ever so graceful Charlene Holloway Meriedy narrated the evening’s showcase with sophistication and eloquence. All of the collections were captivating and suitable for every body type.

Every time I receive an award as an acknowledgement of the contribution I made to the fashion industry, it reminds of what is really important in life. Although fashion and the beauty industries earn billions of dollars, some people, especially in the Caribbean, still regard them as frivolous and superficial.

I always engaged people in a conversation regarding the creative sector to get various opinions and a few days later, I had an interesting conversation with some much older women at lunch at the Miami Shores Country Club.

Personally, I was always conscious and intentional not to be distracted by the negatives. My involvement in the industry had to be beyond the runway and I used the fashion platform to bring attention to things that affect us and find possible solutions. Thank you to all the persons who believe and encouraged me especially my mom Claudia Gibson John and Award Willing photographer Scott Oliver.

One of the events we created was style mission because style has no purpose if there is no meaning. Style has no value if there is no mandate and style has no soul if there is no mission. We have not had this event for a few years but it is back and I will amplify more on that in my next column as we continue this beautiful journey called life BEYOND THE RUNWAY.