PPP laying groundwork to dispute elections results when they lose


Please permit me space in your publication to comment on the reaction of many PPP supporters and big wigs to the most recent ruling of Chief Justice, Madam Roxane George-Wiltshire.

In all my years on the face of this earth, I have never been forced to endure the level of sore ‘loserness’ that we have experienced since last week’s ruling. Clearly, the PPP and its supporters were banking on the court to outlaw the house-to-house registration exercise and to order a date for regional and general elections. The court did not agree with the pleadings of the battery of lawyers that the PPP had hired to fight its case. But what disturbs me most at this moment, Mr. Editor, is the continued calls by supporters for the registration exercise to be abandoned in spite of the ruling. All over social media and in newspaper letter columns, the PPP and its supporters are still railing against this exercise, even telling people not to get registered. To me this is highly irresponsible and is causing confusion among many.

Ironically, these are the same people who attack the government for not obeying the constitution and the laws, for flouting democracy. These same folks are now crying wolf simply because they lost in the court system. The winds and helium gases in their political balloons have been punctured.

My fear therefore, is that the groundwork is being laid to dispute the results of elections if the coalition wins, especially by more than one seat as was the case back in 2015. They are going to cry wolf and argue that the national list was padded in the coalition’s favor and that Haitians would have played a hand in the victory. I therefore urge PPP to get along with its business and be prepared to play a role in governance after the elections by joining forces with the coalition as it will in fact emerge victorious.

Peter Joseph