American Airlines flight delayed following runway incident

The American Airlines aircraft parked on another runway following the incident late Tuesday night

An American Airlines flight which was destined for Miami late Tuesday night, remains on the ground at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) after the plane’s tires were damaged while preparing for take-off.

Reports are that shortly after midnight on Tuesday, the aircraft, a Boeing 738, was taxiing for take-off along Runway 06 when the tires struck the lighting system.

The lights are positioned at the edge of the runway and reports are that the aircraft was making a turn to prepare for the take-off position when the tires struck the lighting system.

The aircraft was subsequently parked on another runway while passengers were taken back to the terminal by bus.They are currently awaiting the arrival of a second aircraft.

In recent week, American Airlines passengers experienced delays as a result of incidents attributed to factors on the runway and onboard the aircraft. A few weeks ago a pressurization issue forced one of the airline’s flights to return to the CJIA minutes after take-off.

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In a separate  incident, another flight which was inbound to the CJIA from Miami, was forced to make an alternative landing at the Piarco International Airport in Trinidad after the runway lighting system malfunctioned. Works are currently ongoing at the CJIA.

The latest incident is being investigated at the authorities.