‘Filling the void’ returns

Artists discussing the execution of ‘Filling the Void 2019’

– with yet more opportunities for young artists

AFTER a successful execution last year, part two of ‘Filling the void’ art exhibition is slated for August 11.

Two Guyanese young men with exceptional talent and vision, Shamar Spooner, 20, and Shamer Hescott, 23, collaborated last year and executed the exhibition, with the aim of showcasing the works of artistic young people like themselves here in Guyana.
This year, ‘Filling the void’ has transcended into a multi-faceted art event with the aim of not just increasing the recognition of artists, but to provide an opportunity for self-development, while fostering the growth of healthy relationships of young artists in Guyana.

“This event promotes entrepreneurship among youths, as they are able to benefit from their intellectual property, since they will be able to sell them at the event and receive in full, their payment. The young creatives are recruited for the event at no expense, but the materials they use to create their artwork,” Spooner told ‘The Buzz’.

Shamar Spooner and Shamer Hescott

He said that ‘Filling the void’ is known to be a night of elegance, as it encompasses fine arts, haute couture outfits, and a relaxing ambience that encourages everyone to network and build new relationships. It allows both patrons and artists to express themselves, whether through a painting or by taking a fashion risk. It aims to bring more attention to the creative arts sector in Guyana, while preserving and developing young artistic Guyanese.

“In its second year now, the event has quickly become a much-anticipated one for young artists and aspiring ones, and just persons who want to support. In its first year, Filling the Void’s huge success enabled the artists an opportunity to display their work at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be chosen to represent Guyana at the “Chinese Art Biennale” in China this year. The individuality of this project is in the fact that it offers a variety of Art forms such as Robotics, Paintings, Architecture, sculptures, etc,” Spooner said.

The venue for the exhibition is yet to be determined, and will be announced at a later date.
In a previous interview with ‘The Buzz’, Hescott had shared how and when the idea was birthed. “Shamar Spooner and I were on vacation in Barbados in April,” he said, “and on our way back, we had the idea to do an exhibition. And we started thinking of what to display, and we realised that we knew a lot of great young artists who are not so recognised for their work, and we wanted to show everyone what they were capable of and also what we were capable of. Shamar came up with the name ‘Filling the void’, in a sense of the void being us young creatives not getting enough credit and recognition for our work in Guyana, so we wanted to fill that void, hence the name of the event.”