Youths spiraling out of control in T&T


–RKG takes a stand

AS the crime situation in Trinidad and Tobago continues to leave many on the twin island with a bitter taste in their mouths, another local artiste has stood up in protest, using his platform to draw attention to the problem. RKG’s new single, ‘Flatline’, comes on the heels of a recently-released track by Gospel singer, Jaron Nurse, that deals with the same issue of crime.

Drug abuse and gang warfare are plaguing the country. RKG says he had been in the studio, prepared to lay the vocals for another ladies anthem when something struck him. “I suddenly felt like I needed to contribute something positive,” he said in a chat with EBUZZTT. The song speaks about a young man who got caught up with guns and was murdered. The second verse speaks about a young woman who got caught up with a gangster. She also died. The track’s message deals with the inevitable consequences that face people who choose negative lifestyles.

RKG’s new single, like that of Jaron Nurse and so many previously-released tracks by so many positive artistes, is but a drop in the bucket, considering the magnitude of the problem in T&T. “The mission with this song in particular is to get people in authority to endorse the campaign, ‘Flatline’ #nowarzone- let’s do a campaign.

Crime is something we can’t stop, but we have to reduce it. We have to find ways and means to reduce it,” RKG said. The single, out now, cleverly masks the positive message in melodies that are typically associated with music by artistes like Dancehall’s Vybz Kartel, Alkaline and Popcaan. (