President, Cabinet members complying with declarations

President David Granger.

PRESIDENT David Granger is expected to submit his declaration to the Integrity Commission “in time” along with members of his cabinet as he has been in contact with the Commission.

“I am in touch with the Integrity Commission. I have written to them. I have not submitted all of my declarations. They are taking some time but I am in touch with them… As far as the cabinet is concerned, it is the general opinion and rule that we should all comply, so it’s just a matter of time,” President Granger explained Wednesday on the sidelines of the accreditation of Philippines ambassador at the Ministry of the Presidency.

The President said he had some challenges and it is within everyone’s interest that such is submitted in time.

“Some of the details may have taken members time, I cannot say if all of them are compliant,” the President said.

The work of the Integrity Commission is aimed at addressing corruption in public office and requires public officials to declare their incomes, assets and liabilities.

It ensures that these public officers demonstrate the principles of accountability, dignity, diligence, duty, honour, integrity, loyalty, objectivity, responsibility and transparency.
For the year, the commission has sent out forms and letters to declarants and this led the commission to publish five different sets of names of defaulters in the official gazette.
The commission has reviewed its schedule of declarants and is now recommending that it be enlarged to accommodate new public offices.

These include the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU); the State Assets Recovery Agency (SARA); the Ministry of the Presidency Department of Energy (DoE) and head of the Financial Intelligence Unit.

The recommendation also encompasses the deputy commissioner of police; divisional commander and/ assistant commissioner; the crime chief; the traffic chief; the registrar, deputy and assistant registrar of the Land Registry; the deputy and assistant registrar of the Deeds Registry and the registrar, deputy and assistant registrar of the Commercial Registry.