‘Empower yourselves to be bold and brave in society’

Abbigale Loncke

Entrepreneur urges women

WHEN a woman is empowered something emotional and physical changes about her, she operates on a different level of awareness and power.
This is the belief of 33-year-old entrepreneur Abbigale Loncke. She believes that empowerment should start from the time a girl is able to read and write.
“In this way we can raise bold and brave women who are going to equally contribute to the building of our society,” she said in an invited comment.

Although she is wiser today, Loncke said while growing up she did not believe that she could achieve much because she was not the smartest person in her class.
“I have literally had to go through some tragedies and lose a few things to get me to a point in my life where I had to make some tough decisions,” she said.

In order to achieve her goals, she had to surround herself with the right people, mentors who could support her in becoming a better version of herself, she said.
Loncke had to create a vision and clearly identify what she wanted for her life. The most important part of her journey was being able to take time off and regroup and return as a better Abbigale. “Abbi 2.0.” as she calls it.
She is now a mother of a one-year-old son and successful businesswoman who is charting a course to success.

The businesswoman started her career as a counselor in the UK and returned to Guyana in 2012. A few years after she ventured into entrepreneurship by founding a Home Care Agency, which was recognised by former US President Barack Obama.
“Today my company has evolved to become Abbi Home Care – we focus on personalised individual care for seniors living at home; those with disabilities or living alone. We also provide babysitting and maid services,” she said.

She has been empowering women by recruiting and training the best women to support her clients on a day to day basis, whether it’s in their homes or offices.
Loncke has also created a platform called WeLeader Caribbean to support women in business in Guyana and throughout the Caribbean.

This platform is coming into its third year, with two successful conferences (Empowered Leadership Conference) and they are already planning the third conference for October 2019. “Recently I’ve also embarked on hosting my own Tv Show called Abbi’s Power Lunch – this show sees me interviewing women in business throughout the Caribbean,” she said.
Her focus is on highlighting the achievements of women and what it takes for them to succeed. The show takes a very unique look at women in business with both small and large companies.

Right now the show airs throughout the Caribbean and some television stations in the USA and Canada. It is also aired in Guyana on E-networks E-1 Sunday evenings at 18:30hrs.
Despite her accomplishments, she is still aspiring to support and empower women and young girls through the initiatives that she already started and hopefully create more.
“I am so grateful for the opportunities I have been given to succeed and I want to be able to give those same opportunities to women who need it,” she said.

Loncke believes that the toughest steel is forged in the hottest fire and she is always reminded of that when she goes through battles in her own personal life.
The businesswoman told persons that in the process of trying to achieve your goals you might go through things, tough things, things that you might think would break you. But if you just hold on and focus on the end result instead of the now – beautiful things can happen in your life.