Tomb raiders strike in Berbice

The tomb that was vandalised on Wednesday (Photograph courtesy of Teddy Sukhdeo) 

POLICE have launched an investigation into the vandalising of a tomb at the Number 66 Cemetery, Corentyne, Region Six on Wednesday evening.

The family of the late Roopnarine Kowelasar, 60, who died on February 23 after prolonged illness, was shocked to find his tomb vandalised and his decomposed body tossed outside of his grave.

The perpetrators, from all indications, believe Kowelasar was buried with valuables.

The man’s wife, Tarwattie Persaud, related that her husband was not laid to rest with valuables and the situation has left her deeply distressed.

On Thursday morning, workers near the cemetery were alerted by a strong stench. Upon investigating the source of the smell, they found the vandalised tomb of Kowelasar and quickly informed family members.

Around midday on Thursday, the tomb was rebuilt and the body was laid to rest once again.