Guyana to host Commonwealth public service conference


THE Commonwealth Association for Public Administration and Management (CAPAM) will be hosting its 12th Biennial Conference in Guyana from October 22-24 under the theme, “Transforming the Public Sector for Climate Governance.”
The conference is expected to create the opportunity for experts and practitioners to set out arguments for a prosperous future that includes the public service being responsible custodians for the environment. Over 350 participants are expected to be in Guyana for the event.

Participants will be privy to background information relating to the economic and environmental challenges which confront their countries, while highlighting risks of which the public service should be aware in order to achieve positive results and be accountable. Given the high priority of climate change in most countries and the mounting pressures on the public service as a result of budgets, higher citizens’ expectations, digital adoption and a wide range of environmental concerns, CAPAM believes workers must be well equipped to address these issues.

The association believes that through research, policy development, service delivery to citizens, and regulation and enforcement, the public service can better meet these growing demands. According to a concept paper on the conference, “more and more, it becomes evident that strategic partnerships, consultations across political and bureaucratic boundaries and leading practices will advance innovative solutions and support the public service in determining and advising governments on ways to promote economic prosperity, while protecting the natural productivity of our world.”

The note explains that with many regions experiencing both shared and unique climate challenges, the need for effective and efficient climate governance must occur across government systems and sectors and industries to better tackle complex environmental matters.

Therefore, it is essential that the public service produces not only economic and social analyses as a background to action, but scientific and environmental considerations that consider the immediate well-being of citizens, as well as the interests of future generations. The conference is designed for an international audience of senior public sector managers and administrators. The three-day event will offer insightful dialogue, theoretical and practical knowledge exchange and networking opportunities.

A seven-member local organising committee is receiving guidance from CAPAM’s executive body, headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. A number of activities have been planned for the conference and to ensure that all aspects of planning are adequately catered for, four sub-committees have also been established.