Two transports for the same land — CoI hears

Senior citizen, Zeenadeen Jameer, makes his case to the Land Commission of Inquiry (Adrian Narine photo)

THE Land Commission of Inquiry (CoI) was this week asked to intervene in several private matters, one in which a pensioner claims was taken away from him.

In addition, a Georgetown pastor felt cheated regarding a parcel of land at John Street in the city. Pastor Keith Haynes told the CoI on Wednesday that he has been the owner of a plot of land at Lot 22, John Street by way of a transport which was issued in 1993.

According to him, in 2009, he discovered that one Terrence Bacchus, who resides overseas, also had a transport for the land.

He asked the CoI to resolve the issue and ensure that his transport is proven valid.

Haynes told the commission that he saw an advertisement in July 2009 regarding the land and he contacted his lawyer soon after. He said his lawyer caused the matter to be “locked” and there was no further advertisement regarding the land.
Haynes noted that several years prior to the 2009 advertisement, he encountered Bacchus who displayed an interest in the land. He brought along a document, an agreement of sale, which he said was compiled in draft between himself and Bacchus after the two discussed the matter. This was prior to 2009.

Haynes said Bacchus, who resides in the United States at the time, had left the country and he did not hear from him again.

Haynes told the CoI that he acquired the property from the previous owner, one Samuel Glasgow, who was his uncle. Glasgow died in the 1960s and Haynes said his father was in charge of the land thereafter.

Haynes said he subsequently acquired the land. Persons resided on the land and were paying rent at the time, he said.

He added that the land remained vacant after the mid-1980s and in 1993, he was granted a transport to the land.

Haynes maintained that he had no contact with Bacchus since the latter’s initial interest in the land. He noted, however, that he made contact with the man’s power-of-attorney as regards the land, noting that Bacchus never occupied said land. The commission promised to look into the man’s concerns.

Meanwhile, elderly land owner, Zeenadeen Jameer, made known his plight regarding plots of lands which he noted were taken away from him.

The parcels of land are located at Tempe Village on the West Coast of Berbice and at Bartica, Region Seven.

The hearings are expected to continue today.