Bandits beat caterer, escape with his car


TWO bandits on Monday night robbed a 36-year-old caterer of Bent Street, Werk-en-Rust, Georgetown, on North Road between Alexander and Bourda streets.

Police said the incident occurred about 19:10hrs.

Enquiries disclosed that the victim and his three male friends were heading to Bourda Market. Upon arrival the victim parked his motorcar on North Road and he and his friends exited at which point they were confronted by the three men. According to the police one of the bandits who was armed with a handgun demanded the key for the motorcar of which the driver refused to give.

The bandit proceeded lash him to his head with the gun and subsequently he fell to the ground at which point his friends ran away. The armed bandit picked up the car key entered the vehicle with his other accomplices and escaped with the victim cellular phones heading west of North Road. No arrest made.