Please use the metered parking system


Dear Editor

THE Mayor and City Council continues to encourage all motorists to use the metered parking system installed in a section of the central business district of Georgetown.

It is public knowledge that Council is responsible for a raft of activities, including the construction and maintenance of roads and allied facilities in the nation’s capital. An estimate from the City Engineer’s Department suggests that the construction of one (1) mile of road cost twelve million dollars ($12m).

Metered parking allows citizens to participate in the way the network of roads in the city is financed, ordered and managed. It influences the fluidity of vehicular traffic, the progress, growth and development of the municipality.

It is known that, whenever a new technology or medium is introduced in a society it creates a new environment and stimulates various reactions to it. It is clear, too, that individuals tend to see the old way of doing things in the new innovation or technology introduced into the community. This, sometimes, causes them to miss the importance and utility of the new path created by the medium, and the economic and other values of it to the city.

The Council is aware that citizens have gotten use to taking the collectively owned spaces of the city for granted and some feel no obligation to assist the council to manage these spaces.
The effects of metered parking in Georgetown include rearranging the way citizens do business, in the city, reducing congestion and pollution and providing more resources for the council to maintain, upgrade and construct roads, walkways, sidewalks and related facilities in the city.
The city’s administration could not allow Georgetown to continue along its old path of disorder and indiscipline without making a fundamental error in its approach to make this capital glorious and comparable with the great cities of the world. The city is part of the global village and consequently connected to the rest of the world, which is progressing in the area of technology; our national capital must not be left behind. Therefore, the Council urges all citizens to participate and share in this aspect of the city’s history and development.

Royston King
Town Clerk
City of Georgetown