Wedding ‘Expo’ 2016… Magnificent Beginnings

Wedding Expo 2014

THE eighth annual Wedding Expo will be hosted over the weekend under the theme “Magnificent beginnings”, and promises to be an all-inclusive, one-stop-shop for couples hoping to get married, couples who are already married, and families on the whole. Roraima Airways’ Marketing Executive, Dellon Murray, in an interview with The Buzz, said that the theme is an extension of last year’s event, but that the company saw it a fitting label for this year, in light of the 50th Anniversary celebrations.

Wedding Expo 2011
Wedding Expo 2011

“Everyone can come and get something from Wedding Expo, because we are not just dealing with the actual event, but with things before and after, including counselling, getting that dress, planning, housing, financing, persons looking for baby items and the whole works,” Murray said.

“So, we are really creating that opportunity for magnificent beginnings for people; especially in this celebratory year, where all thoughts are on such positive things.” he added.
The concept for Wedding Expo was inspired by a similar event held in Jamaica, and was brought home by one of the Roraima Managers who proposed to have the event for couples hoping to get married.
The event started with just 10 exhibitors, but has, over the years, grown to feature a wider array of attractions beyond just the wedding aspect.

“What’s really trending this year,” Murray said, “is that people aren’t looking for the traditional weddings; they’re looking for things more trendy and contemporary.
“And that is what we are offering them through Wedding Expo; they are looking for different destinations and all these things.”
As such, this year’s event will also feature tour companies from other countries, travel agencies and will also feature many deals that couples can take advantage in hopes of having the most pocket friendly, but enjoyable event of their lives.

One of the other unique aspects coming out of the Wedding Expo is the Race to the Altar competition in which one lucky couple wins a dream wedding worth up to G$3M.
This is the fourth year that the Wedding Expo is hosting this side event. The Race to the Altar competition receives applications from several couples as early as January of each year. Each couple is carefully scrutinised for compatibility, chemistry, and background by undergoing several interviews and home visits.
The couples are then taken to the Arrowpoint Resort to assess them on team building and other criteria.

Scenes from previous expositions
Scenes from previous expositions

“One of the things that come out at Arrowpoint is that they get to really be themselves in that environment,” Murray said.
Over time, the couples are shortlisted, based on these things, and a winner is chosen. This year’s winning couple will have their dream wedding on Sunday, the final day of the Wedding Expo.
Murray said that by next year, the company hopes to do more with the Race to the Altar competition by way of a reality show and more advertising.

Couples aren’t the only benefactors of the Wedding Expo, Murray said. In fact, the event is just as important for the exhibitors, and there have been an increase in new designers and other exhibitors every year. One such exhibitor is Carla Brown, an
up-and-coming promoter of local fashion designers under the brand, Fashion Forward. “Apart from exhibiting, it is also an opportunity to give young people the chance to showcase their talent, whether it is singing, spoken-word poetry, fashion designing, or art. Everything is showcased at Wedding Expo,” Murray said.
This year’s featured performers are Miss Global International 2016, Poonam Singh and Guyana Star winner, Ryan Hoppie among other local artistes.
As Murray observed, “Wedding Expo creates a network for young people, and helps them get them in touch with regional and international connections. People can launch themselves because the sky is the limit with Wedding Expo.”
This eighth edition of Wedding Expo will be hosted at the Duke Lodge. The event begins tomorrow at 17:00hrs, and runs until Sunday.