Chronicle supports Science and Technology Fair

GNNL Personnel Relations Manager Colin Alfred presenting the trophy to an official of the Regional Science, Mathematics and Technology Fair, set for March

PLANS are moving apace for the hosting of the Region Four Science, Mathematics and Technology Fair.

Set to commence on March 2 at the Diamond Secondary School, the two-day event will attract close to 133 schools from across the region.

Currently, registration is open, but will be closed by mid-February for hosting of this much-anticipated and very competitive event, which will see nursery, primary, lower secondary and upper secondary schools competing in a total of 25 categories. Students in all categories are expected to exhibit innovative projects and ideas.
In the Nursery division, there are two categories: Mathematics combined with Science, and Environmental Science combined with Arts and Craft. In the Primary division, there are four categories: Craft and Visual Arts, Environmental Science, Mathematics, and Science.

Students competing in the Lower Secondary division can compete in 13 categories, while those in the Upper Secondary division have a maximum of 12 categories.

According to sources, more than 75 trophies will be awarded to the winners. In support of the fair, the Guyana National Newspapers Limited (GNNL) has donated a trophy.

While the Region Four Fair is set for March, the regional fair for the District of Georgetown is slated for February 4-5 at Queen’s College. The best of the best from these events would be selected to compete at the National Science, Mathematics and Technology Fair which would be held from March 29-April 1 in the Mining Town of Linden under the theme “Enhancing Traditional Technologies to Sustain Modern Societies through STEM.”