GMRSC Message

John Carpenter

“2015 WAS a special year for motor racing as we celebrated 60 years of the sport in Guyana. It was fantastic. We hosted our traditional circuit and drag meets and returned to the No. 63 Beach where racing began in the 1950s. We also retained the Caribbean Motor Racing Championship with the bulk of praise for that being heaped on the drivers and riders.
We want to thank all who assisted us, during the year in the race – marshals and volunteers, committee members and the office staff as well. We cannot forget our sponsors who were a hefty part of the success of the organisation and we look forward to their assistance in 2016.
In the coming year, we celebrate 60 years of racing at South Dakota with more entertainment and events planned and we look forward to the support of the majority supporters, you, the fans!

John Carpenter
Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club