Steel pan icon Rudy Bishop hoping to revitalise the art locally


VETERAN steel pan icon Mr. Rudy Bishop, now residing in the United States of America, is currently on vacation in Guyana; and he has high hopes of revitalising the steel pan industry locally.With an eye on resuscitating the now defunct Guyana Steel Band Association, Mr Bishop will this afternoon hold a meeting at the Camptown Community Centre at First Street, Campbellville, beginning at 17:00 hrs.

All steel pan players, including youth, school and church bands, as well as rangers and tuners, are invited to the forum.

Coming out of a meeting with Education Minister Dr Rupert Roopnarine yesterday, Bishop noted that the minister is optimistic and supportive of the idea. He said Government would like to have the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport actively involved in the venture, and added: “Ideally, it should be a part of the schools’ curriculum, as obtains in Sweden.”

Bishop also has a vision for steel bands to be established in every Administrative Region of Guyana.
And noting that steel pans could be very expensive, he is touting the idea of having the Guyana National Association of Steel Bands move to promote initiatives to attract sponsorship and engage in serious fund-raising ventures going forward.
(Shirley Thomas)