Businessman Farouk Hamid died from single stab wound

One of Hamid’s vehicles being examined by police investigators and relatives on Thursday

A POST-MORTEM performed on the remains of businessman Farouk Ghanie Hamid found that he died as a result of a single stab wound to the chest. Police sources told this newspaper that the wound also caused food that was recently digested by the man to scatter inside his body as a result of a punctured organ.Yesterday the Chronicle was told that the police are seeking to question a handyman and a man who was previously in the employ of the businessman at his Regent Street store.

‘MURDERED’: Businessman Farouk Ghanie Hamid
‘MURDERED’: Businessman Farouk Ghanie Hamid

There were reports earlier this week that there was a strange man who was seen visiting the businessman’s home, but no one seemed concerned with the man’s presence.
It was only after the businessman was found dead on Thursday that reports surfaced that a stranger was seen at the premises and the handyman and another who worked at the place stated that they were not familiar with the man. A brush-cutter operator, however, indicated that he was familiar with the stranger and was puzzled as to how the businessman’s employees were not suspicious or claimed not to know the man.
Businessman Ghanie is said to be someone who did not entertain persons at his home once he is not sure about the type of persons they are. On Thursday the man’s body was discovered with a stab wound in his backyard and investigators are suspicious that the man may have been killed on Wednesday evening, moments after he had arrived home.
Police are not treating the case as a robbery/murder, since the man’s house did not appear to have been ransacked, neither was anything reported missing.
The man’s body was found by his reputed wife on the day in question, after she made several calls to his phone and got no answer, but decided to travel to his home. After making the discovery, the woman informed the man’s brothers and other relatives and the police were subsequently informed.
Meanwhile, on Friday a police source told this publication that investigators did not recover a murder weapon from the scene.
The man’s death has sent shock waves among his business partners and the community of Nandy Park, as he was regarded as a very peaceful and humble man. His employees who were at the scene on Thursday spoke very highly of him and the manner in which he dealt with his employees. An investigation into the matter is in progress.

By Leroy Smith