Guyanese are fully aware of where their best interests lie – and they will support such a re-affirmation at elections this year


AS we bid goodbye to 2014, we will be preparing for what will definitely be the battle for the preservation of Guyana, and all the sacrifices that would have been made since the Peoples Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Government assumed office in 1992. This would be manifested in the now certain national and regional elections to be held in 2015.

Without any hint of triumphalism, this naturally must include the numerous socio-economic benefits which this nation has been enjoying throughout the years. These are gains that have been hard earned by the Guyanese people, and which by all means have brought about positively impacting changes in their lives.
No more is this fact best exemplified than the magnificent success that is the national housing programme, through which tens of thousands of Guyanese are now proud home owners. For the latter, many of whom would have been squatters; their lives have been transformed, giving a sense of achievement and economic stability.
To add to this unique initiative, lauded by no other a person than the St Vincentian Prime Minister, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, are other tangible benefits that have added to the national stock such as an emerging, modernised national health system; and a re-organised education system the results which are yearly manifested by outstanding performances by Guyanese CXC students.
It has now become a coveted expectation for our students to emerge as the outstanding performers in the various categories of the regional examination.
This is not about fly-by-night situations; they are about the solid truth about the transformative changes that is the experience of Guyana. There is no Guyanese, even those with Opposition affiliation, who will deny the changes that greet their eyes, wherever they go. For even they too enjoy the benefits.
For those Guyanese, especially those who would have experienced the years of zero-living under the former People’s National Congress (PNC) regime, Observer posits that they will support the continuation of such improvements, the fruits of which they have already commenced to enjoy. Why would they seek a return to the years of darkness and regression that meant for the nation long queues for basic food items, and for petrol; days of power failure; denial of human rights, inclusive of the rights of assembly and of expression; collapsed social infrastructure, and a country that had become pariah?
Guyanese are fully aware where their best interests lie, and they will fully support such a re- affirmation at the 2015 poll.