Amerindians must not trust the Opposition


THE Amerindian Action Movement of Guyana (TAAMOG) is deeply saddened and vigorously condemns the Parliamentary Opposition for the totally unjustified cutting of $1.1B of the Amerindian Development Fund which is a continued blatant demonstration of their anti-Amerindian peoples’ development and marginalisation policies in our country.The Minister of Amerindian Affairs Pauline Sukhai must be commended for the abled way she accurately and positively responded to the many questions posed by the Opposition; yet they used their one-seat majority in cutting the capital budget allocation which included the Amerindian Development Fund, expenditure for building, land and water transport.
TAAMOG is of the firm view that financial resources given to Guyana’s first peoples through our national budget must be non-negotiable with the Parliamentary Opposition.
The organization also rejects the parliamentary Opposition’s claim that the funds for Amerindian Development are used to manipulate Amerindians as misleading, erroneous, mischievous and constitute propaganda lies.
TAAMOG calls on the Amerindian communities of Guyana to seriously take note of the Opposition’s policy of discrimination and marginalisation towards Amerindians, taking them back to neglect and abandonment that occurred under the illegal misrule of the PNC era prior to 1992.
Amerindians of Guyana must condemn and resist the hypocrisy of the Parliamentary Opposition! They are not to be trusted.