Can’t we all get along at funerals?


AN anonymous letter titled ‘Consequences of policies’, published on
4/24/13 in the SN, cryptically questioned President Bharat Jagdeo’s lamenting of anti-Indian sentiments in Guyana which was delivered at
Pandit Reepu’s funeral. But we may never know the answer.  Anonymous wrote ‘assuming but not necessarily agreeing, that Mr. Jagdeo’s assertion about the resurgence of anti-Indian sentiments has some validit;is it then pertinent to inquire whether his perception has in any way been shaped by his analysis of the consequences, unintended or intended, of policies and programmes implemented during his Presidency?

Let’s follow the ‘hidden questioner’s’ logic and beg the same question.
Former Guyanese Chief Magistrate Ms Juliet Holder- Allen stated in a
letter to the press that Indo-Guyanese are just transients in Guyana
to be all deported. But there was no similar outcry about the prominent Chief Magistrate’s outrageous belief.

Obviously, the ‘learned’ lady judged many cases involving Indians.
The learned former Chief Magistrate, a trained legal professional was
actually offering judgment over half of Guyana’s population cloaked
with the prestige of Guyana’s judiciary, but basing it on the indentureship contract.  Such a mission would affect all Indians, Chinese, Portuguese and later Bajan indentured freed slaves brought to Guyana. Now that she has made her plans very clear, shouldn’t all her ‘judicious legal’ decisions be subjected to urgent review and be legally overturned? When did her anti-Indian prejudices begin to colour her bizarre and
unambiguous advocacy? We will never know.

Maybe the ‘cap’ one wears imposes duties pertinent to one’s profession
as a priority at a particular time. The ‘learned lady’ can therefore
claim innocence and exoneration of her “kuchoor” because she is not a
magistrate anymore. In which case her private life and views now have a
different focus because she wears a different hat. Any assumption that
such a person was operating in tandem with their private beliefs can
only gain credibility when supported by hardcore evidence.
When PNC member of Parliament Mr. Richard Allen collapsed in
Parliament, the lone PNC medical professional Dr George Norton sprang into action to aid his fallen comrade.  But he is only a mere eye doctor.
Simultaneously, four other medical doctors in the PPP/C government
benches jumped to the aid of the fallen PNC MP.  Minister Dr Frank
Anthony; Minister Dr Jennifer Westford; Dr Vishwa Mahadeo and Health
Minister Dr Berhi Ramsaran all displayed their sterling professional
duties to aid the ailing PNC MP. The Health Minister even accompanied his patient to the hospital. The PNC chopped his health budget in appreciation.

An inquiry may be most relevant as to whether a PNC medical doctor would give 100% medical attention to an Indian or PPP/C patient. We will never know. But it will be wrong to assume otherwise, wouldn’t it? President Jagdeo’s awakening remarks raised more than the dead at the funeral. Who knows the intent? Can’t we all get along?