Easter is… : A celebration of hope over despondency : –says First Lady, Madame Deolatchmee Ramotar


“It is with great optimism that I extend Easter greetings to all Guyanese, but particularly to our Christian community. For Christians, Easter is a celebration of the triumph of life over death, of hope over despondency. It is therefore fitting that Easter be observed by activities that celebrate the fullness of life. “In Guyana, Easter is a very joyful period. The Easter weekend, marking the beginning of the season of Easter, offers an opportunity for families to come together, spend quality time in each other’s company and enjoy the traditional outdoor activities: Kite-flying, rodeos, regattas and picnics. I trust that this exuberant and joyful spirit will endure throughout Easter and beyond. 
“It is also my wish that this year’s Easter will lead to a great appreciation of the importance of family life, and of the need for family members to celebrate the great gift of life by being together. The health of any society is dependent on the quality of its family life, and, often, the happiest times are those spent with the ones we love and care about.
“Easter reminds us, too, that despair is not a permanent condition; that the greatest of problems can be overcome. I trust, therefore, that wherever there is friction and fissure amongst families and friends, that these differences and divisions will be overcome, relationships mended, and harmony restored.
“May this year’s Easter be, for all, a period of renewal!
“Happy Easter to all!”