Unwarranted attack on Joe Singh


I LISTENED with dismay to the unwarranted attack on Major General (rtd) Joe Singh by the Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) and wish to suggest to the leadership of this union that the time has come for them to carefully select their battles given the state of the Public Service and the limited resources of the union. I am also of the view that this recent pre-occupation with Major General Singh is both counter-productive and a waste of resources.
I had cause on numerous occasions, both socially and professionally, to meet with Major General (rtd) Joseph Singh and on every occasion I found him to be a true patriot and one of the most professional human beings I have ever met and worked with.
What also amazes me about this gentleman is that every person, be it the officers that came under his command in the Guyana Defence Force, staff at Conservation International or  GT&T, even people from across the political divide,  they all share similar sentiments.
Therefore, I will suggest to the leadership of the union to stop nit picking and find substantial industrial relations issues, which I am aware are insurmountable, at the commission to deal with, and I am sure without fear of successful contradiction they will find Major General Singh a valuable partner.
It is time for our leaders to become the change they want to see.