Might of the stench in city


MAYOR Hamilton Green is at his paltry attempt to justify (HIS) incompetence and politicking as he lords over the constant decay of the city. The citizens of Georgetown are only too familiar with his feeble political manoeuvrings which fall within the scope of geriatrics’ competence. It is Green who believes that to have the city flourishing in its most glorious form, is to bring political credit to the PPP/C Administration. It is this outdated mentality that bears responsibility for the many ills that bedevil our society today. How could such stupidity reconcile with the great expectations and desires of our citizens for a modern, well-kept ambience in Georgetown?
City Hall has mismanaged its finances and resources repeatedly under Green’s leadership, a situation destined to occur taking into account his many unsuccessful sojourns into various sectors under the PNC regime. So the city suffers from two types of incompetence, one that is of natural flow and the other deliberate, handy work by the Mayor.
There has been billions of dollars pumped into the city in addition to the direct assistance from central government in the construction of roads, bridges, cleaning of drains and canals and other works which have been neglected by the Mayor and City Council.
While there is the effort to convince us the council is cash-strapped, the Mayor and City Council approves a steady salary increase for themselves. Green knows that to score political points, as cheap as they are,is to blame the government for not granting the council additional revenue streams. How can the citizens trust the council to handle additional sums when they cannot be prudent and accountable for those they currently have in their possession?
It is Green’s rotten politics that has us under the might of the stench in the City.