Ramsammy acknowledges significance of contribution by partners


In health sector…
MINISTER of Health Dr. Leslie Ramsammy said, Tuesday, that support from various partners in 2010 has been significant and allowed the sector to advance.

“If our partners walk away from us, it will put us back a decade,” he remarked in an invited comment. Ramsammy explained that the nation’s health is not only the Ministry’s responsibility, a fact its partners have recognised and have stepped up to it.

Some of them include the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Food for the Poor,and regional and international agencies. He said, reiterating, that their being supportive allows his ministry to re-allocate resources to other areas in the sector.

Ramsammy said, for example, the recent donation of wheelchairs and other supplies, by the church, Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, has seen a saving on the limited resources which would have gone to procure them.

However, the sector is looking at other ways to function more efficiently in relation to managing resources, and one such initiative is the creation of micro-enterprises, he said.

Ramsammy said the most recent undertaking, in that context, will be rolled out early in 2011.
He disclosed that it involves engaging persons with disabilities in the repair of wheelchairs, which can function like new once repaired.

“We need to create businesses,” he observed, emphasising that health is more than just making people feel better but about the quality of life in general.

Ramsammy announced that his ministry will host the businesses so that its capital expenditure is reduced.

“For a low cost they (the operators) will be able to take in business and earn income,” he said.
Ramsammy noted that the State’s enterprises would also be shared with such micro-enterprises, in that way, guaranteeing the ventures will be profitable.

He said similar ventures have supported persons living with HIV/AIDS, as well.
“Our partners’ contributions are significant…the donations we receive allow us to do much more,” Ramsammy acknowledged.