De “Backwardigans” getting baby-sit


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Bluetoothers thankful fuh cable. Not dem that some does use fuh thief current. Cable TV. Yeah. It gat that in Guyana too. Very affordable. Plenty channels. Movies, soaps and sports galore! Adult channels and children channels too. De cable is added
comfort. It different. No black box needed fuh descramble. Remember Uncle Tony days? Things really change and easy now. Cars, TV, house, microwave, phone and washing machine is no longer luxury. Almost every household gat.

Uncle Bharrat mek sure de economy stable and growing. People improving dem life. Dem going forward just like de country. De days of staying backward gone! But it gat some who want people fuh stay backward like how a tug-o-war rope does always get pull back! De country so far forward that lil children ain’t gat to go to play school now fuh start learn.

Cable doing that! Nick Jr. is like pre-school. Dora, Diego and Blue does teaching dem fuh count, seh dem ABC, learn shapes and colours and dance. Yo Gaba-Gaba and de Backyardigans also popular.

Even big people learning from this children channel too! It easy fuh parents. No baby-sitter needed. Put child fuh sit, turn on TV, continue doing housewuk. Just like ABC! But it look like dem who “pulling back” ain’t know de ABC. Dem can’t go forward. E-magine Uncle Bharrat ensuring that all over get develop including Buxton. Dem who claim to be “friends” o’ Buxton, vex that he visit de place. Dem don’t want de place to develop. Dem want de people there to go backward. De people ain’t stupidy. Dem marching forward with cable and all.

While de children there looking at de Backyardigans pun Nick Jr., yuh can bet that de “pulling back” Backwardigans will not be featured. Don’t be surprise if yuh see dem getting baby-sit and tutored. De tutor sehing, “Come on Backwardigans. Yes, you Robert, Raphael, Freddie, Glenn, David and Eusi, stop whining and repeat; PPP mean peace, progress and prosperity”. But knowing how dem head hard, even if yuh put it pun cable, dem ain’t gon learn. Dem gon pull out de cable! Hmmm!