GPL’s efforts to curb illegal connections admirable


I admire the Guyana Power and Light’s efforts to curb illegal connections across our country.
This issue has been ongoing for some time and it has been a long battle for the power company.
The company’s illegal connection crew has been doing an important job in identifying the perpetrators and those persons should face the full penalties of the law.
It is unfair that some paying while others are not paying for electricity. Most of us pay for the utility, so why can’t others do the same?
In addition, the generation of electricity is costly and the power company has been vigilant in providing it to us.
It is only right that we should pay for the service given to us. However, some persons resort to illegal connections when they are disconnected.
We are on the verge of becoming a developed country and such acts are deemed unlawful and unacceptable.
I’m urging those persons to desist from doing so and support the power company in its battle to stop illegal connections.
I am also urging adequate protection for crew members who have to face these hostile perpetrators.