Kaieteur News and its prejudiced reporting


The Kaieteur News has once again exposed its subjectivism through admittance of the preconceived basis on which it misleadingly implicated me in one of its recent articles. It was this report which led to its intensified vicious attacks against me as part of an opposition campaign to tarnish my character. This level of prejudiced reporting confirms the argument about this news rag outfit, full of inaccuracies, distortions and fabrications.
In the first instance, Kaieteur News, through the intervention of its publisher, Glen Lall, failed to contact me by its own admittance to verify or get my reaction or response to the inaccurate information fed to them, wrongfully implicating me in a confrontation with the police. Even if the Kaieteur News felt it had credible information, nothing, absolutely nothing, prevented them from contacting me on the report they had.
Kaieteur News had an opportunity to correct its misleading, fabricated piece when I disputed their report by way of a press release, but Glen Lall insisted there was no need for the newspaper to suddenly adopt professional journalism when it survived without it for the last decade.
It was an obligation on their part to publish my reaction or response because it disputed the facts they presented to the public. More so, because I am a public figure, I almost have an automatic right to reply, especially on a matter where my character is brought into question.  I have a right of reply and there is no question about it.
Newspapers must report on the facts and provide balance in doing so, and the rest is left to the public to draw its conclusion or make a judgment without the newspaper using its subjective position away from the professional norms.
The Dem Boys Seh has actually come around to saying exactly what I have been saying all along. The Kaieteur News represents the poorest journalism in modern day Guyana.
By the way, Glen Lall still has some outstanding answers for us on the sudden accumulation of wealth, the evasion of taxes by a shoe store in the City, the stolen GPL transformer found in a mall on Regent Street, the death of his five pressmen, among others.