Beautiful is as beautiful does


BEAUTY, they say, is in the eyes of the beholder. Celebrations of any kind are always a mixture of fantasy and beautiful dreams. What are those fantasies and dreams?

Everyone is home for the occasion, a surprise visit from overseas of family and friends, thoughtful gifts to make, kitchen projects of memorable foods, starring family favourites like conkie, roti and curry, black pudding and souse, and the famous metemgee, among other local delicacies. In short: A ‘beautiful atmosphere’.

What can be beautiful? The fun that goes into the shopping for the occasion, and the zeal in planning that special menu.

As we look around our home, we begin to plan for the celebration, making decisions and having fun choosing the colour scheme for the kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom etc. These decorating inspirations are where we challenge our skills and talent in the preparation of home accessories such as tablecloths, chair-backs and cushions, where with the use of simple fabrics, for example cotton or polyester, to make these beautiful projects.

With the emphasis on chair-backs in most Guyanese homes, these can come in various forms and designs. Crochet, for example, is rather popular, as are appliqués, quilting, tie-dying, patchwork and embroidery, quilting, smocking, spray painting, and cross-stitching.

This week we’d like to share with you this simple embroidery technique in the preparation of Appliquéd Chair-backs.

• One yard cotton or polyester (colour of choice)

• Matching thread

• One yard floral fabric (blend colour to match background fabric)

• Matching embroidery thread

• One bottle silicone paste

• Two bottles glitter (silver or gold)

Method of construction:

• Measure and cut four pieces 18” x 18” (half inch seam allowance)

• Cut floral design of choice for appliqué design

• Arrange appliqué design by pinning neatly.

• Paste on floral appliqué to fabric, smoothing design.

• Leave to dry

• Outline edge of design with glitter of choice.

• Neaten edge of chair-back by machining.

• Decorate the bottom end of chair-back with personal choice crochet, lace or braid etc.

• Press chair-backs.
Note: Practically any kind of fabric can be used to make ‘Chair-backs and the only expertise required is careful machine stitching.