‘Trunker’ fined for simple larceny


RICHARD Narine, 26, of Lot 71 West Ruimveldt, Georgetown, was yesterday fined $25,000 with the alternative of six months imprisonment, after being convicted as a ‘trunker’ (one who steals from unattended motor vehicles).

He pleaded guilty to simple larceny, before Acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson, admitting that, earlier in the day, he stole one DVD player worth $38,000 and other things with a total value of $43,000, property of Ran Persaud.

Police Sergeant Kevin London, prosecuting, said the convict stole the booty from a parked vehicle and was caught, by a passing mobile patrol, with the stolen items in his hands.

Narine confessed that he saw the van open and took out some of its contents.