Guyana remains stable, attractive destination for investments
R3PSInc Head, Halim Khan
R3PSInc Head, Halim Khan

–Head of Region Three Private Sector Inc. says; affirms nation is a ‘prime destination’ for investment despite misleading claims

WITH Guyana offering unparalleled opportunities for businesses to flourish, Halim Khan, Head of the Region Three Private Sector Inc. (R3PSInc), has said that the nation stands as a prime destination for investments.

Khan’s comments come at a time when claims have surfaced that there is some semblance of geopolitical uncertainty, which purportedly forced a business to shutter its operations.
“As the Head of the Region Three Private Sector, I am thrilled to highlight the remarkable investment climate currently thriving in Guyana,” Khan said, adding that the bounty of opportunities available to bolster businesses are supported by a regulatory environment and a dynamic market landscape.

He went on to say: “Despite claims of geopolitical tensions here and elsewhere and uncertainties by those who have failed in their business ventures, I am confident in affirming that Guyana remains a beacon of stability and growth for investors.”

Further, the Head of R3PSInc said that Guyana has positioned itself as an attractive destination because of its resilient economy, coupled with abundant natural resources and a skilled workforce.

“With the right vision and strategic approach, any business venture in Guyana is poised for success. Let us continue to harness our collective potential and drive forward the prosperity of our beloved nation,” he said.

Foreign Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Robert Persaud, recently poured cold water on the claims that some persons are attempting to peddle in order to adversely affect Guyana’s “booming” investment climate.

He was at the time responding to Dolla Financial Services Limited which alleged that the reason they are winding down operations in Guyana is due to geopolitical uncertainty.
This revelation from Dolla Guyana, which was formed in August 2021, came out in the company’s 2023 audited financials released in April on the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE).

In its 2023 earnings report released, it said: “The decision is due to the current geopolitical uncertainty and the reallocation of resources to Jamaica where returns exceed those in Guyana.”
In an invited comment to the Guyana Chronicle, Persaud had said: “Guyana remains a global destination for investment. It’s worrying that anyone should seek to discredit the country as a secure, stable and certain destination for investment.”

He added: “Just drive around the country, speak to the private sector leaders and the Guyana Office for Investment to reinforce the huge investments taking place by both local and foreign investors.”

Moreover, at the Guyana Energy Conference and Supply Chain Expo in February, Chief Executive Officer at the Guyana Office for Investment (Go-Invest), Dr Peter Ramsaroop, said that with Guyana’s rise as a dominant force in the region and its impressive achievements in food and energy security, there are investment prospects in all sectors throughout the country, beyond just the oil and gas sector.

In his speech, he mentioned that Guyana is always part of discussions on climate, food, and energy security worldwide.

He related that with all that is being done, one should be able to know where to invest as significant advancements are being made in all sectors, including the agriculture and mining sectors, among others.


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