Taxi driver gets 12 years’ jail for rape
Jailed: Evon Barker
Jailed: Evon Barker

THE 32-year-old hire car driver from Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice), who acknowledged raping a young girl, will spend the next 12 years behind bars.

The incident occurred in February 2022 when the girl, aged 11, hired Evon Barker for transportation. He sexually assaulted her after taking her elsewhere.

Barker was harshly reprimanded by Justice Sandil Kissoon for his heinous criminal behaviour last Thursday when he appeared before the Demerara High Court.

The judge found Barker’s defence—that he did not know the girl was underage—to be “unacceptable.” The taxi driver knows the victim. In addition, a probation report stated that Barker and the girl’s older sister had dated in the past.

When Barker was allowed to address the court, he begged for forgiveness, stating that he served God and was not a bad person.

Justice Sandil Kissoon

The rape survivor said in her impact statement that she was “happy” and “satisfied” with how the case turned out.  She then disclosed that she no longer trusted males and that she had thought about suicide several times.

Among other reasons, Justice Kissoon informed the convict prior to his sentencing that because of the trust placed in them, persons providing public service such as cab drivers are held to a higher level.

Barker was originally given an 18-year jail term; however, in accordance with established sentencing guidelines, the judge deducted one-third of that sentence, or six years, for Barker’s early guilty plea.

The offender was mandated by the court to take part in the sex offenders’ programmes offered by the prison service. Barker has a four-year-old daughter, and there are reports that his wife is currently pregnant.

Attorney-at-Law, Ronald Bostwick, represented him, and State Counsel, Latifah Elliot and Senior State Counsel, Nafeeza Baig, appeared on behalf of the prosecution.


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