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THE People’s Progressive Party (PPP) from its very inception as a political party 74 years ago embraced an approach to governance that is pro-working class. Both in and out of office, it fiercely defended the rights of ordinary citizens to live a life of dignity and prosperity, having regard to the question of affordability and sustainability.

This governance approach has been evident from the budgetary emphasis of all PPP/C budgets which were heavily skewed in favour of the social sectors such as education, health, housing and water, all of which impacted directly on the standard of living of the Guyanese people, in particular the poor and the vulnerable.

Budget 2024, which was recently presented by Senior Minister with Responsibility for Finance Dr. Ashni Singh and passed by the House, is no different. Emphasis is again placed on human and infrastructural development.

Two fundamental pillars shape the administration’s fiscal plan, namely the implementation of mechanisms aimed at injecting additional disposable income into the economy and, secondly, the development of the country’s economic and social infrastructure.

This will lay the foundation for future growth which will bring prosperity to all Guyanese. Vice President Bharrat Jagdeo had highlighted the positive impact these initiatives will have on the economy as a whole, such as employment creation, improved delivery of social services, tax reductions and enhanced remuneration for public servants.

These are not isolated or fragmented developmental initiatives but are situated within a much broader philosophical outlook which are embodied in the PPP/C’s manifesto.
According to the Vice President, who is also General Secretary of the ruling PPP, “these are macro-elements, goal elements that are consistent with our manifesto. But they would find themselves reflected through a series of projects, policies and programmes that will be enshrined in the budget.”

Several measures will be rolled out in the new fiscal year such as salary increases for public sector workers, increased spending in the security sector and the country’s defence capability, improved delivery of social services and infrastructural development consistent with the pro-people orientation of the PPP/C administration.
The PPP/C must be commended not only for bringing out a national budget on a timely basis but also for staying the course of a pro-people approach to national development as envisioned by its leaders over seven decades ago.


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