Attractive investment destination

OVER the past four years, Guyana has experienced a remarkable surge in business and company registrations, indicative of the country’s evolving commercial landscape. Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall, disclosed during his recent budget presentation that from 2020 to 2023, over 59,000 new businesses and nearly 5,000 companies were incorporated, reflecting a burgeoning entrepreneurial spirit and robust economic expansion.

This unprecedented growth underscores the need for a comprehensive overhaul of the country’s commercial laws, a sentiment echoed by Nandlall. With the economy rapidly evolving, propelled in part by the emergence of sectors like oil and gas, the outdated Companies Act requires modernisation to accommodate these new realities.

Acknowledging the necessity for reform, the government is poised to enact sweeping legislative changes aimed at fostering a more modern, transparent, and secure business environment. Key initiatives include revising the Companies Act and the Securities Council Act, with a strategic focus on bolstering the stock exchange market in collaboration with Jamaica.

Moreover, efforts are underway to update regulations pertaining to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and to accommodate technological advancements in laws governing evidence, demonstrating a proactive approach to staying abreast of global standards.

The economic ramifications of these reforms are substantial, with Senior Minister within the Office of the President with Responsibility for Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh, highlighting their transformative potential. The government’s policy agenda has catalyzed entrepreneurial opportunities, leading to increased investment, job creation, and enhanced disposable income, particularly benefiting small businesses.

To further support small business development, significant investments are being made in industrial estates, coupled with financial initiatives such as the Small Business Development Fund and robust training programmes. These efforts aim to integrate small businesses into the economy’s mainstream, fostering growth and resilience.

As Guyana stands at the threshold of a new commercial and economic era, fueled by strategic reforms and investments, the government’s commitment to fostering a conducive business environment is commendable.

By aligning its legal and corporate framework with international standards, Guyana is poised to attract more investment, stimulate economic growth, and enhance its position on the global stage. This historic phase of economic revitalisation heralds a promising future for the nation and its citizens.


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